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The Best of Creative Market Bundle on AppSumo

Lesley Yarbrough March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

Every once in a while an amazing deal comes along that you simply don’t want to miss. We’re excited to tell you about one such deal that we’ve put together with the help of our friends at AppSumo.
This week only, you can purchase an exclusive “Best of Creative Market” bundle on AppSumo that contains over 70 products worth over $1,500 for the low price of $39! Just look at some of the amazing products included in the bundle.

Products Bundle

The Best of Creative Market Bundle on AppSumo

No, we’re not crazy, and yes, you read all of that right. With the help of our awesome shop owners, we bundled up over 70 of our top-selling products including:

  • 3500 Icons
  • 188 PhotoShop Actions
  • 100 Photoshop Brushes
  • 100+ PSD Mockups
  • 8 Bootstrap Themes
  • 6 Texture Packs
  • 8 Vector Packs
  • 2 Photo Packs
  • and oh so much more!

This deal will only be around until midnight on Thursday, September 26, so don’t wait too long or you could miss it! Head on over to AppSumo and check out this amazing offer today.

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  • Really glad to be a part of this bundle, everyone I know that has purchased it is super-happy. Super-happy is the way to be, so thanks for putting this together Creative Market! 9 years ago
  • Oh wow, I seen this yesterday, kick ass deal! That page is really nice BTW! Good job devs! 9 years ago
  • Wow, what a bundle. How did Creative Market choose which products to bundle in the deal? It seems like a great opportunity for the involved sellers to get exposure! 9 years ago
  • A LOVE This bunddle sooo much that i´m going to buy it twice :P Thank you! 9 years ago
  • Too good a deal to pass up! Thank you :D 9 years ago
  • A decent bundle, though there is a lot of repetition. So many other great items that could of been included instead of half a dozen texture packs and more icons than we could ever need. I was disappointed in the font selection. Only 2 and from the same artist. There are so many amazing font designers on Creative Market that could have been showcased. All that being said, it's still an amazing deal and will probably purchase it for the 2-3 items that I was looking to buy anyways. I look forward to seeing more bundles in the future. 9 years ago
  • Wow, thats a awesome bundle. thanks 9 years ago
  • @jkeitch On this occasion we reached out to sellers and asked them what they were happy to contribute from their own shop, rather than targeting specific items that we wanted. I think it resulted in quite a unique bundle - but you're right, perhaps we could have picked out a few more font designers to mix it up a bit more. We're still exploring the bundle ideas and finding a formula that works well for everyone. If these bundles are something we are going to do more often then I'll make sure we add a bit more variety next time. @Beth Rufener There's no real system just yet, we're just testing the water on a small scale at this point. If bundles become a regular thing we'll work out an easy way to have sellers apply to take part etc. Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback, enjoy your bundles! 9 years ago
  • @Liam McKay The issue with the current bundles is that new customers enter the through the front door of CreativeMarket and exit through the back door of AppSumo / Dealotto - in result, authors who are not included in the bundles are losing exposure. For example, lets say I deliver traffic to creativemarket through one of my portfolio sites and they happen to see the creativemarket bundle promo. It isn't fair to me that I deliver traffic to your website and in result they leave CM and purchase on another marketplace such as appsumo / dealotto. Other then that, I think it's a wonderful bundle. :) 9 years ago
  • This is a good deal! I'm happy to have referred quite a number of people to buy this bundle. @Liam McKay Can I get an invite to open shop? It's long since I joined CM and still haven't opened shop :( Cheers :) 9 years ago
  • @Derek Stevenson It should be noted that they have to actually download all of the items from Creative Market, and have a Creative Market account to do so. =) 9 years ago
  • @Matt Borchert thanks, but you miss my point. You are essentially driving people away from the site that you directed them too. I send prospect A to creativemarket and he ends up going to appsumo and buying a completely different product outside of creativemarket. 9 years ago
  • @Joseph Wachira You can apply to open a shop here: submit your application with some examples of your work and we'll take a look - Thanks. @Derek Stevenson True, that could be the case, but AppSumo are huge, I think there's certainly more people coming from AppSumo to CreativeMarket as a result of this bundle rather than the other way around. That's good news for everyone, not just those directly involved in the bundle :) 9 years ago
  • @Liam McKay Thanks Liam, lets all hope for increased sales! 9 years ago
  • Pretty awesome bundle! Thanks! 9 years ago
  • I missed it! :( I hope you run it again soon. 9 years ago
  • And guess who forgot about the deadline? crap. :( 9 years ago
  • @Liam McKay Any chance this deal can be extended? 9 years ago
  • well 9 years ago