Cubano Font

***INCLUDES ALL 4 FACES OF CUBANO: Regular, Italic, Sharp & Sharp Italic

Cubano's personality is defined by its rounded corners, wide strokes, and semi-condensed letterforms. Featuring 167 glyphs, Cubano is available in all caps with numerals, punctuation, symbols and most accent marks. It has 4 faces total: Regular, Italic, Sharp and Sharp Italic. Webfonts are included for all 4 faces, as well.

Test out Cubano with live type on my website!

  • Cubano ttf (400)
  • Cubano ttf (400)
  • Cubano ttf (400)
  • Cubano ttf (400)
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  1. Chandler Van De Water
    • Shop Owner


    Lost Type didn't create Cubano; I did. I put the Regular face on Lost Type as a pay-what-you-want product. This is the full version of the font, which includes the Regular face as well as Italic, Sharp and Sharp Italic. Does that answer your question?

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