Transat is a geometric sans serif typeface, with caps inspired by Art Deco signage — found inside the "Gare Maritime" (literally "sea station") ocean liner terminals in both Le Havre and Cherbourg, France, in the early 1930s. The name “Transat” is the common shortening of “Compagnie Générale Transatlantique,” the company that operated majestic ocean liners like the SS Normandie out of Le Havre from 1862–1974.

The Transat family includes 5 weights plus including optically-corrected obliques (10 fonts total). Transat includes many OpenType features, such as ligatures (ff/ft/fft), small capitals, case sensitive forms, stylistic alternates, arbitrary fractions, and a full compliment of proportional, tabular, and oldstyle figures. In all, the Transat family contains nearly 700 glyphs per font.

Transat also has a more rational, text-friendly companion font, "Transat Text".

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  • Transat Light otf (300)
  • Transat Light Oblique otf (300)
  • Transat Standard otf (400)
  • Transat Standard Oblique otf (400)
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  1. Gustavo Costa

    Hi, I'm interested in purchasing your fonts. I was going to purchase your fonts from Fontspring. I compared the pirces.

    At Fontspring, desktop+webfonts costs 108 dollars, and if I choose only webfont or desktop, it would cost the same here. But at CreativeMarket, is it allowed or not to use these fonts as webfonts?

    If you recommend me only Fontspring, then I can't afford 108 dollars. Of course it's not expensive, but converting to Brazilian reals, it's very expensive. I really want to risk purchasing your fonts pack.

    But I'm afraid of using the wrong font because...

    I'm building my website, but my website is an ebook, it's not an ePUB. It's only one HTML file with CSS and Javascript inside. I hate ePUB. I intend to convert the fonts to base64 code for protetcing from the curious users and readers or so I wouldn't need to have a fonts folders because there will be only one HTML file. The HTML/CSS web file is fluid, responsive and is compatible almost in all the devices independent of screens sizes. It supports some animations or special effects and much formation that the ePUB doesn't support. I'm writing my autobiography at the art deco style.

    Should I purchase the desktop+webfont license or ebook license?

    I can't understand "500.000 pageviewes". After 500.000 pageviews, do I have to pay again?

    WIll you give us a special disocunt on the next Black Friday (day 21 or 29)?

  2. Clement Lelong

    Hi Greg!

    Haven't bought your font yet but definitely will. Price is incredibly affordable compared to the quality of your TRANST font.

    As an A.D., I am always looking for new fonts and yours defintiely stands out.


  3. Roger Beltz

    Certainly has that 30's - 40's "feel" but as someone stated, out of my price range. Maybe if the set could be broken up into individual styles it would be more affordable (ie: I would never use this font as an oblique and probably would use only the "Light" weight. Just an idea.....

  4. Trevor Gilchrist

    I understand and apologize. I guess we're all getting price conditioned...
    I meant what I said about it being stunning and I'm going to buy it right now, just to punish myself for being negative ;-)


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