Braun UI


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  1. Jack Nilssen
    • Purchased

    Hi, this is a great pack especially as a learning resource. I'm wondering what font(s) are being used here so that I could acquire them & properly sync the .PSD? Thanks & keep up the great work!

  2. Klaus Milczewsky

    @Abdessamad Idrissi
    My comments are just related to the two red buttons in the middle of the last row of buttons. Those have never been used - at least to my knowledge - in any Braun product. This was my comment. The white button with the red dot for sure was used in the tape machine. Thats right, no doubt about that!

  3. Klaus Milczewsky

    Nice, but could not find any proof and even cannot remember any BRAUN device having one of these red buttons. I only found red pushbuttons. Have you any visual proof (like product photo or description) that any of the red ones being used in any BRAUN device?

  4. Lee Wilson
    • Purchased

    Lovely stuff - I tried to buy but after registering found that creativemarket doesn't take Paypal !

    It's 2012 ! No Paypal ?


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