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10 Hilarious Charts That Explain What a Designer’s Life is Really Like

Laura Busche March 31, 2021 · 1 min read
Sometimes it’s really hard to explain what’s going on in our life. Due dates, specs, clients, and all sorts of little issues make every single day a challenge — yet other people somehow believe that we just color for a living. These charts are my attempt to show what’s really going on. Do any of these ring a bell? Let me know in the comments area below! DesignerLifeinCharts1 DesignerLifeinCharts2 DesignerLifeinCharts3 DesignerLifeinCharts4 DesignerLifeinCharts5 DesignerLifeinCharts6 DesignerLifeinCharts7 DesignerLifeinCharts8 DesignerLifeinCharts9 DesignerLifeinCharts10

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