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The 10 Best Apple Watch Apps for Designers

Kevin Whipps April 4, 2024 · 2 min read

The Apple Watch is here today, and if you were one of the lucky few who got your preorder in early, then there’s a good chance yours is on its way today. If you want to be prepared, you’re going to need some apps to fill that puppy up, which is why we’ve put together some of the best Apple Watch apps that you’ll need to get things done. Enjoy.

Adobe Color CC

View colors that were tagged nearby, plus the 10 most popular themes in that location, all with your Apple Watch.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud lets you see and respond to comments on your Apple Watch.


Your inbox and notifications for Behance can now all come directly to your wrist, plus you can control a presentation via AirPlay.

Pic Sketcher

Take a picture with your iPhone, then edit and tweak with your Apple Watch!

Pro Camera 8

With Pro Camera 8 you can use your Apple Watch as a remote trigger, flip through your pictures and even use it as a remote viewfinder.

Design Hunt

Use Design Hunt as a task manager, or just for positive motivation throughout your day.


Tunepics takes the popular iPhone game and puts it on you at all times, so you’re always able to catch up and see who’s dancing to your tunes.


Things, the popular task management software, lets you check off and add things to your to-do list from your Apple Watch.

Hours Time Tracking

Need to log your hours for your clients? Hours Time Tracking gets that handled on your iPhone and your Apple Watch, and right now it’s free.


If you use Trello, their Apple Watch update is going to make you very happy. You can add cards, see recent cards and get notifications in a more convenient fashion.

What Else?

If you spot any other great Apple Watch apps for designers, let us know in the comments below!

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