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12 Unique Responsive WordPress Themes

Maryam Taheri March 26, 2024 · 5 min read

Looking to start using WordPress as the platform for your new website, small business, or blog? If so, you’ll want to make sure that you use a responsive theme for your design. Why? More and more people are browsing the web from other devices besides their laptop or desktop computer. Everywhere you look you’ll see people surfing the internet, trying to pay their bills, or shopping on their phones or tablet devices. If you’re website doesn’t feature responsive design, all of the elements of your site may not work when you’re on all types of devices. In addition, the design and images on your site may not look ‘right’ when view on different devices if your site isn’t mobile ready.

Responsive WordPress Themes

Cuckoo Biz One-Page by Cuckoo Themes


Cuckoo Biz One-Page

by Cuckoo Themes is a multi-purpose one-page parallax theme. There are over 800 admin-panel customization options to help you perfectly tailor the theme to your needs. This theme is also WooCommerce ready, allowing you to set up a shop with a multitude of products easily.

Chamomile by BluChic



by BluChic is a feminine WordPress theme that is perfect for anything from a wedding website to small business to a personal website and blog. This theme features a completely responsive layout design that allows your website to remain beautiful no matter what device someone is using! In addition, Chamomile offers a variety of unique theme options, custom widgets, and custom shortcodes to help you tailor the theme to perfectly suit your personality.

Lucy Lou by AngieMakesWebsites


Lucy Lou by AngieMakesWebsites is a fully responsive girly WordPress theme with a fully loaded dashboard and back-end design that allows you to completely customize the site. This theme is also incredibly trendy and features watercolor elements as it’s style of choice, and you can even customize the color of the watercolor design.

Simplicity by GavickPro


Simplicity by GavickPro is a fully responsive WordPress themes designed to work as a porfolio or a simple and minimalistic design for anything from a small business to a start-up. It’s easy to present all of your important content in a crisp and clear way with this theme, it keeps things simple and makes it easy for potential clients and customers to find what they’re looking for.

Superstore by WooThemes


Superstore by WooThemes is a fully responsive and scalable WooCommerce theme that allows you to create an online store with ease. This theme can cater perfectly to a wide range of products and will help you boost sales and your client base thanks to it’s beautiful design and ease of use for your customers.

Albedo by Graph Paper Press


Albedo by Graph Paper Press is a fully responsive WordPress theme that features a dynamic slideshow design, custom fonts, and portfolio post type. In addition, there is a complex back-end design that helps you fully customize each page.

Creative Blog by Dessign


Creative Blog by Dessign is a fully responsive WordPress blog theme with a minimalistic style. This theme features a multitude of fully customizable theme options including feature incorporation and custom colors.

Silver by The UltraLinx


Silver by the UltraLinx is a fully responsive and minimalist WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for portfolios. This theme is great for designers because you can show of your work on your tablet, phone, or anywhere else.

Fabricated by The Pixelista


Fabricated by The Pixelista is a fully responsive WordPress theme built upon the Genesis framework. The theme features four unique color schemes and three layout options to tailor the framework of the site to suit your needs.

Pronto Masonry by WPExplorer


Pronto Masonry by WPExplorer is a responsive WordPress theme with a tiled/grid layout. You can use the tiled layout to display different posts or as a portfolio website. This elegant and flexible theme is easy to use, helping your potential customers and audience find and see what they need to.

H+ by Pixels in Line


HPlus by Pixels in Line is a responsive WordPress theme that allows you to seamlessly integrate photos and videos into your posts. Make sure that your videos and photos look beautiful no matter which device they are viewed on.

Jade by Restored 316

Jade by Restored 316 is a responsive WordPress theme built upon the Genesis framework. It’s a beautifully simplistic theme with 7 color schemes and 6 layout options.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design means design that plays nice with all different screen sizes and types. That means your website looks good on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer when your website features a fully responsive theme. Without a responsive theme your website may have problems on different types of screens and devices. Certain elements of the theme won’t function or work properly if your theme isn’t mobile-ready or responsive to other types of devices. If you want people to stay on your page, explore different elements of your site, and become customers or clients you need to have a page that looks nice and attractive no matter where people are viewing it.

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