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15 Irrefutable Signs You're a Font Addict

Laura Busche March 31, 2021 · 1 min read
How many hours did you spend window (font) shopping this week? Constantly suffering mood swings over gorgeous and poorly kerned type everywhere you look? Are you always exceeding your font allowance? The fact that you even have one is a strong sign that you might have fallen for one of the most consuming addictions of all time: fonts. We get it, and would like to welcome you to the #FontAddict family. Before you join though, could you check to see if any (or all) of these symptoms apply? Let us know in the comments below! TypeAddict15 TypeAddict14 TypeAddict13 TypeAddict12 TypeAddict10 TypeAddict9 TypeAddict8 TypeAddict7 TypeAddict6 TypeAddict5 TypeAddict3 TypeAddict4 TypeAddict2 TypeAddict1 TypeAddict11

Spotted any other signs?

We’re a team now. Share more signs so that others like you and I can recognize, try to recover, and inevitably remain stuck in our font addiction. Comment away!

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