25 Beautiful Vintage Logo Templates

By on May 2, 2016 in Community
25 Beautiful Vintage Logo Templates

Vintage logo designs are a perennial favorite; they invoke nostalgia and convey an air of quality from a bygone age. The following are popular designs that capture the timeless essence of a previous era, using aesthetics that balance sophistication with simplicity.

Very Vintage Vector Kit + 14 Logos

preview5-frPin It

This kit contains logos reminiscent of vintage newspaper advertisements, and comes with an assortment of templates to add that authentic, worn, vintage look and feel to any project or design.

Vintage Logo Bundle and Extras

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Perfect for t-shirt designs and label that require an authentic, retro look— this kit includes 9 logo templates, as well as additional texturising photoshop brushes to add wear and tear.

Vintage Logo Badge Insignia Bundle

pvvintagelogobundle-fPin It

If your project requires a logo or promotional element that requires that classic, aged feel –look no further. This kit also comes with 40 standalone objects and icons to use in your project.

Vintage Americana Logos

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For those reminiscent of an earlier time and place in America’s history, these logos invoke nostalgia by incorporating design elements of the previous century’s folk arts and crafts movement.

20 Vintage Badge Templates

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This kit contains 20 vintage badge templates, suitable for use in creating logos or buttons with a classic touch.

10 Wedding Logos Templates

00-montaje-cabecera-frPin It

For creating timeless wedding invitations and materials with an antique feel, this logo template kit can’t be beat.

Vintage Cafe & Lounge Logo Badge

pvtitle-fPin It

If you’re looking to create a classic logo to match a retro establishment, this kit may be perfect for your project.

Simple Retro Logo

retro-logo-cover-fPin It

Simple designs are a key characteristic of the retro aesthetic, and this 10-logo kit follows suit. Ideal for use in design projects where a minimalist feel is desired.

Vintage Records Logo Vector & PSD

vtglogo1thumb-fPin It

This logo is great for design projects that require  simplicity and elegance reminiscent of a previous era’s album cover typography.

Unique Hipster Logo

pv1-fPin It

This logo collection contains edgy and cool elements for creating  the ultimate , classic hipster look and feel.

12 in 1 Insignia Bundle

cm-1-frPin It

Look no further if your project requires classic elements that are both eye-catching and understated. This 12 insignia kit is perfect for a retro-themed t-shirt design or logo.

The Vintage Logo Elements Collection

vintage-retro-old-logo-icons-frPin It

Whether it’s hunting to sailing, music or photography, this kit contains a plethora of iconography suitable for any project’s classic theme or genre.

10 Fashion Insignia Logo

cm-dp-1-frPin It

This 10 insignia logo kit is idea for fashion projects that require a timeless, retro look.

Vintage Film Camera Specialists Logo

lp_camera_movie_film_vintage_gr_prvw-fPin It

If your film or media-related project requires a logo template with a classic treatment, look no further—this is it.

Vintage Bicycles

present-vintage-bicycles-cm-frPin It

This classic bicycle-themed set is perfect for wedding and event invitations, and is certain to captivate riders nostalgic of a previous era.


frontvintage-frPin It

40 Sophisticated vintage inspired logos & insignias for your next project.

Bakery Vintage Badge

bakery-1-fPin It

This bakery-themed badge kit is well-suited for collateral and items that require a nostalgic feel of a classic patisserie.

Royal Wings Logo

royal-wings-crest-floral-luxury-logo-template-a-fPin It

Elegant and luxurious, this classic logo template manages to capture both simplicity and regality in one design.

The Lost Signs 1 ( Ancient Badges )

1.-cover-fPin It

The first in a 5-part series, this 10 item set captures the eery essence of objects inspired by crop circles and ancient symbols.

Django Wild West ( Western Badges )

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This fun set of 16 logo templates are reminiscent of the classic title cards used in old Westerns.

Retro Insignia Logos v3

logo1-fPin It

This 4-logo set is perfect for projects requiring a monochromatic and simple design.

Laurel & Flowers Vintage Vector

luarel-shop1-fPin It

If a classic, floral-based theme is the design goal, this set of frame designs is perfect for the occasion— ideal for projects such as scrapbooking and websites.

Vintage Security Seals

preview_01-frPin It

This unique kit features a set of 6 vintage security seals, perfect for projects that require intricate and delicate design patterns.

Vintage Beer Labels Pack

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If you’re working on branding and marketing collateral for your microbrewery or winery, this set of 10 labels is perfect for the occasion.

Samathor typeface

poster0-frPin It

This Victorian-era typeface is ideal for projects requiring vintage word art typography or logo treatment.


In short, an amazing myriad of vintage logo kits are available for any project or application. These templates are perfect for capturing and conveying the distinctive feeling of old-world quality not found in more contemporary designs, and are fully-customizable to match your project's intended look and feel.

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