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30 Stunning Lettering Fonts That Nail The Hand-Drawn Look

Creative Market August 6, 2021 · 4 min read
Have you seen the hand-drawn look? Hand lettering’s rising popularity has imposed a new grungy, ornated style in fonts that we can’t get enough of. These type families offer uniqueness and naivety, while adding an unpretentious touch to print and web designs alike. If you haven’t tried your hand at lettering yet, get started with these brilliant fonts that evoke that coveted hand-drawn look:

Bold Riley

Each of the glyphs in Bold Riley was hand drawn with pen and ink.

Festivo Letters

This font family offers 19 different variations that can be layered to achieve even more creative effects.

Pequena Family

Pequeña, Spanish for “small”, is everything but that. Packed with bonus ornaments and words, it is perfect as a branding or display type.

Catalina Avalon

If you’re inspired by hand-drawn menus, table cards, and chalkboards check out the charming Catalina Avalon.

Tervia Font Family

Now you don’t have to paint signs to achieve that look. Check out Tervia for your next poster design project.

Humoresque Layered Mini Font

Used in this article’s header image, Humoresque is a true homage to sign painting and Victorian revival.

Oldiez Font Family

Inspired by jazz and music bands, Oldiez adds a vintage vibe with a family of 6 fonts.

Local Market Kit

Sometimes you need more than a font to achieve the hand-drawn look. Local Market Kit offers just that: a package of graphics, artwork and fonts to bring your vision to life.

Zoetic 2-Font Family

Zoetic combines geometric letterforms with hand-drawn quirks and oddities.

HandDeco 4-Font Family

Designed by our creative director himself (hi Gerren!), HandDeco combines the spirit of historic display type with the craft of hand-drawn lettering.

Ruba Style

Ruba draws inspiration from bikes and skateboards. Create a sporty, yet organic look with its 14 variations.

Herschel + Bonus

This “mildly wobbly yet elegant font” is reminiscent of organic meals, cafés, and beer labels.

Carneval & Extra

Creating a fun scene? Nothing says Carnival like Carneval and its bonus vector set.

Modiaro Typeface

Modiaro is inspired from the handmade swirls in vintage ornamental design.

Ginusto Family

Ginusto is playful, organic and stackable. Add layers to mix up an endless amount of unique styles.

LaChalk Typeface

Any chalk lettering fans? Use LaChalk’s script and normal variations to design your next sign.

Hemera Typeface

Hemera recreates the vintage style of old classic matchbox packages with a gentleman feel.

Lovile Type

Sweet and natural, Lovile resembles hand drawn type taken straight out of someone’s notebook.


Quickfox and its extras are the perfect combination for party invites and wherever else you need a touch of celebration.

Messy Script

True hand-drawn type is messy, and so is this awesome font that features many stylistic alternates and ligatures.

Eighty One Typeface

Eighty One comes in clean and dusty versions, as well as three different dimensions. Still need more? There are also 72 vector typographic charms to feed your creative fancy.

Fetridge & Outfitter Script Promo

The creators behind Fetridge and Outfitter Script were inspired by wanderlust and engine enthusiasm.


Great for overlays and headlines, Haste has that unique flair that vintage designs should evoke.

Latype Font Family

Latype is ideal for quotes and inspirational designs. It includes a wide diversity of styles like brush, sans, serif, script and condensed.


Inspired by coffee and coffee shops, Caferus is a great choice for restaurant menus.

Handters Typeface

To help you create detailed vintage designs, Handters includes a handmade ornaments pack.

Thriftshop Hand Lettering Collection

Thriftshop was hand painted and drawn to bring an organic touch to your branding, apparel, greeting cards, coffee mugs, and other merchandise design projects.

Capriccio Family

Capriccio is a happy, whimsical serif that includes tons of ornaments and catchwords to build your designs.

Thankful Sans

Thankful Sans is a gracious family that evokes the warmth of a Thanksgiving table. Apple cider, peppery smooth pumpkin pie, cinnamon and nutmeg were all flavors that inspired this font family.

Any other fonts you’d like to share?

If you’ve found any other awesome fonts to help achieve that hand-drawn look, feel free to share them below.
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