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25 More GIFs Only Graphic Designers Will Understand

Kevin Whipps April 11, 2024 · 2 min read

All things in the world are best expressed as GIFs. Whether it’s rage over a client or frustrations over problems with Photoshop, every designer can speak their mind in one simple GIF. Frankly, I think that’s the way we all should live. That’s why we published our first round of 25 GIFs only Graphic Designers Will Understand, and now we’re back with round two and another 25. Ready to feel the burn? Good. Because it’s coming.

When a veteran designer sees your font collection

When you’re feeling creatively blocked

When you land an amazing client

When you have too much design work on your plate

When your friend tells you that your design looks great

When a client starts asking for work outside of the contract

When you find yourself in the perfect state of design flow

When someone asks you the keyboard combo to do an action

When you’re late for a client meeting

When it’s Friday and you’ve got a huge deadline on Monday

When you put out the call for design help from your friends

When your morning to-do list looks ridiculous

When you try a new caffeine-laden drink to try to get going

When your day starts off perfectly

When you install an amazing update on your design software

When your deadlines just don’t seem very important

When there’s way too much copy

When you’re given a laundry list of things to work on

When you get too many emails from clients

When you get a new chair for your office

When you catch someone stealing your designs

When you go out to dinner with a client

When your designer friends are all over social media while you’re deep in a logo design

When Adobe Illustrator’s cut and paste feature breaks because of an update

When you get paid a lot for a logo design

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