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4 Must-Have Features in a WordPress Theme

Maryam Taheri March 31, 2021 · 3 min read

Looking for a WordPress theme that incorporates all the necessary features to run a successful blog, showcase a cool portfolio, or feature your business? We often don’t consider some of the most important elements when shopping for a WordPress theme, instead we just focus on the visual design (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). If you’re on the hunt for a new theme, or just getting started, there are some features you need to make sure your theme has before you click “buy.”
Responsive Design
With the advent of new and awesome tablets, cell phones, and other mobile devices it’s important to have a WordPress site that features responsive design. Responsive design allows your readers to view your content clearly on a multitude of platforms. Your readers will get the same incredible experience whether or not they are on a desktop computer, cell phone, or tablet device.
Creative Market has a multitude of WordPress themes that feature responsive design to help your readers crispy view your site, wherever they may be:

Multiple Page Styles
Having a WordPress theme that features a variety of page styles will allow you to depict everything and anything you could ever want to your audience. Looking for a certain area for testimonials and reviews? Want a section dedicated only to a blog? Picking a WordPress theme that allows you to have numerous pages with different designs will lend diversity to your site, and allow your readers to stay intrigued and never be bored.
Creative Market has a variety of WordPress themes that feature multiple page styles, I’ve selected a few of my favorites below:

Advanced Social Sharing Features

It’s important to get social these days, because it dramatically helps increase the distribution of your content. Being able to easily share your content and stay connected with your audience through channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest is essential. Not only will your readers be able to get updates on your content and find more information, you’ll be able to reach an entirely new audience who is ready to start hearing what you have to say. Some WordPress themes feature advanced social sharing settings already built into the site, no added plug-ins are necessary.
Creative Market has some amazing WordPress themes that incorporate social sharing elements into their design, and I’ve chosen to showcase a few of those below:

All in One Bundles
Did you know that some WordPress themes come bundled with other items? Wouldn’t you want a WordPress theme that has the same design and template as your business card, newsletter, and more? You’ll be completely coordinated and ready for all that comes your way. This is an amazing idea that will really help your blog, business, or portfolio shine.
Below I’ve selected a few of my favorite all in one bundles that includes a WordPress theme and more to get you started.


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