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50 Stunning Presentation Templates You Won't Believe are PowerPoint

By on May 2, 2016 in Inspiration
50 Stunning Presentation Templates You Won't Believe are PowerPoint

Ever felt frustrated with Microsoft PowerPoint? As much as you try to make your presentations unique and engaging, there always seems to be a limit to what can be done. Aside from figuring out all your slides' content, how to deliver the presentation, and how to organize information so that it makes sense, it can be overwhelming to try to lay out a stellar graphic layout too. PowerPoint templates allow you to focus on your presentation, giving you a wide library of backgrounds, visual styles, icons and graphics to work with.

How to Customize a PowerPoint Template

Making these templates feel like your own is easy. Just open the file using their desktop program and start creating slides using one of two methods: applying layouts (which are defined in Master Slides) or editing existing demo slides. For method one, most templates will create a series of master slides, which are essentially visual themes that you'll be applying to multiple slides of a certain kind. Master slides contain information about how PowerPoint should deal with headings, bullets, fonts, paragraphs, spacing, layout, color, and more.

Check out this example using Goashape's Kaspian template:

Applying-Powerpoint-Templates-1Pin It

For method two, you can just go ahead and edit any of their demo slides replacing their copy and images with yours.

Applying-Powerpoint-Templates-2Pin It

50 Creative PowerPoint Templates

Now on to the templates:

Helium PowerPoint Template

KASPIAN PowerPoint Presentation

The Final Bundle | 31 Presentations

Trending Presentations Bundle

MEGA EMPIRE Powerpoint Bundle

Business Proposal PowerPoint

URAP PowerPoint Template

Pitch Deck Pro Powerpoint Template

Wolf Minimal PowerPoint Template

Startup Powerpoint Template

Air Minimal PowerPoint Template

Top Fashion Powerpoint Template

Minus Minimal PowerPoint Template

iOS 9 Style PowerPoint Template

Mesa - Elegant Presentation

Click! Nation PowerPoint Template

Calderas Powerpoint Template

Investor Pitch Deck Powerpoint

Rivka Minimal Powerpoint Template

Alveo Minimal PowerPoint Template

Sparkle Gold Foil PPT Templates

Phoenix Minimal PowerPoint Template

Martik PowerPoint Template

PORTFO PowerPoint Template

Everyday Hero Powerpoint HD Template

Stark - Powerpoint

Business Growth Powerpoint Template

Next Powerpoint Template

Grove - Creative Presentation

Savvy Collection PPT Template Bundle

SHOPAHOLIC Simply Powerpoint Catalog

Nova Minimal PowerPoint Template

Helium PowerPoint Template

Consumer Powerpoint Template

Exchange Powerpoint Template

Laukpauk PowerPoint Template

Business Plan Powerpoint Template

Moderna Powerpoint Template

The Report Powerpoint Template

Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Design Power PowerPoint

Elite Powerpoint Template

Mighty PowerPoint Bundle

20 Amazing Powerpoint Bundle

Epicenter PowerPoint Template

Business Plan Powerpoint Template

Next Level Powerpoint Template

Creatic - Powerpoint Template

Branding Powerpoint Template

Portfolio Magazine PowerPoint

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  1. Surprised you didn't feature any of the video templates from The Lux Adventurer. All created and editable in Power Point. (Seriously, I thought I would see some of our templates. Not tooting my own horn.)

  2. We like to see our product as a show. We looking for a article about Keynote presentations as well. Today is Keynote real opponent for PowerPoint. Thanks

  3. As ridiculous as a product power point it, it just goes to show, that when designers get their hands on even something so bad as power point, great things can happen.

  4. I love all of these, but I can't seem to find anywhere what I'm looking for. Am I the only non-business person who needs a PP template? I need PPs for school, I'm a teacher, for personal presentations, like a wedding, for my Mom who is a professional speaker but not needing charts and lists, for church,... I would love to see those options here.

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