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7 Powerful Font Management Apps for Type Addicts

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 3 min read

Like anyone who works with fonts, you probably have more than a few horror stories about unnecessary all-nighters caused by frantically searching for the right ones. Good organization is the hallmark of effective design, and a font management app is the best way to avoid those all-nighters in the future.

These font management apps will help you organize your fonts, find them quickly and compare them easily in order to pick the best one for your projects.


Price: Free

This app offers a simple, no-frills way to compare different fonts. Simply type your test phrase and set your font size. Then the website immediately displays your text in more than 100 fonts, using those that are currently installed in your computer.

2. Flipping Typical

Price: Free

Like, this website lets you quickly compare different fonts. You can type your favorite font into the bar at the top of the page to set it as the “main” font that will show up in every comparison. Your main font will appear by dozens of fonts displaying your test phrase.

Flipping Typical

3. Font Picker

Price: $4.99

This Apple app lets you browse all fonts installed on your computer or phone to find the best one for each project. Create customized lists to save for later. Add or remove fonts as necessary to help narrow down your selection.

Font Picker

4. Explorem Ipsum

Price: $1.99

This iOS app lets you tweak your test phrases and text characteristics in a variety of ways while you browse your fonts. Along with setting your text color and size, you can upload your own custom text to compare with different fonts. The app will even highlight missing glyphs if a font can’t display every character.

Explorem Ipsum

5. RightFont

Price: $39.95

RightFont offers a great suite of font management tools that can integrate with your other programs, and it can even sync your font collection across different devices. Drag-and-drop simplicity lets you filter fonts, create custom font groups and set fonts up for automatic activation or deactivation in different contexts.

RightFont is the best font manager app for Mac OS X, helping designers to preview, sync and manage fonts and find the right font quickly. RightFont is the new generation font management software for Mac.

6. Suitcase Fusion

Price: $119.95

This Apple and Windows app provides an entire collection of font organization tools from industry powerhouse Extensis. With flexible installation and easy integration with your other programs, this app is powerful enough to serve the needs of anybody from a work-at-home freelancer to entire enterprise organizations. Painless cloud deployments let you sync, back up and coordinate between different devices to your heart’s content.

Suitcase Fusion

7. FontExplorer X Pro

Price: $99.00

This Windows and Apple app offers some of the most extensive font pairing features you’re likely to find. You can create custom font groups in a variety of ways and seamlessly sync your font collections across all mobile devices. The app can even override your system’s default font cache. It works to help you avoid file conflicts, a common cause of those all-nighter horror stories. In keeping with its professional price point, it serves the needs of both individuals and full corporate groups. This adaptable app suits any workplace’s configuration.

FontExplorer® X Pro - Font Management Software & Free Trial

Work Smarter

If you’re still starting every project by scrolling through the dropdown font menu in your favorite word processor, it’s time to join the new millennium. With effortless tools for previewing different fonts and organizing your favorites for different projects, these font management apps will make your work much easier. Best of all, you’ll no longer have to worry about adding even more amazing new fonts to your growing collection!

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  • You "forgot" Typeface app: I bought it some days ago, and its great! :-) 6 years ago
  • Missing a few others too like Nexus Font and Fontbase. 6 years ago
  • Missing Fontyou, a cloud based font manager with an integrated store. 6 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Font Expert is the one I use at this moment and pretty much no complaints about it. No cloud storage, but still super useful. 6 years ago
  • I find extensis (suitcase fusion) very blunt. It's super messy, loadingtime is awful and installing updates is an absolute horror. The interface is superoldschool and the previews are not relaxed to use. I'm now trying TypeFace App Still trying... 5 years ago
  • Been using FontExplorer X for years. I can't believe I ever used Suitcase in my early years - it's far superior and activating/deactivating fonts yields instant results in Adobe software. No lag or wait time, plus a fair purchase price. 5 years ago
  • +1 The Extensis (suitcase fusion) is awful. So agree. I bought the fusion5. Don't use it anymore. The loading time is the big problem. What a waste! Very disappointed. 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    I've used NexusFont for years and it's impressive for free software. It would be impressive if you had to pay for it. But I do not like the inability to change the viewing section into tiles. I think I will try FontExpert next. It looks like it offers a little more flexibility in that department. BTW another free application is FontFrenzy which has some interesting tools. Thanks for the list and all of the comments were very helpful as well. 5 years ago
  • Brilliant article. I'm going to try a few of these out today. The big thing I've wanted for years is just a simple way to categorize my fonts (i.e. favorites, hand-lettered scripts, woodblock type). 4 years ago
  • Had a resent horror story with Extensis Font Suitcase, purchased it then a few months later it stops working with Adobe due to a release. Then they do a major release and require me to repurchase after I had only utilized it for two months. Horrible support for product for the money you pay. 4 years ago
  • Hi to all, i would be glad if you could share your advice: i need an app to review and test my installed fonts, by typing titles or texts... Font Picker seems the right app for this, but maybe there are other app doing this with more options? I don't especially need to synchronize my fonts w/ other devices nor try fonts online... I would also be interested in the functions evocated by Dustin Lee a few posts above, so to say: "simple way to categorize my fonts (i.e. favorites, hand-lettered scripts, woodblock type)." So if anyone has a suggestion, it would be great. Forgive my eventual mistakes i am french...;) 4 years ago
  • @aher nat … what operating system do you use? Mac or Windows? 4 years ago
  • Just found this amazing app today. Trying it out now. The interface is clean and simple, and the pricing is very reasonable. 3 years ago
  • Suitcase is terrible! Adding my 2 cents. I've used Suitcase for years, the actual product is great. But recently they drop support and make a new version every 12 months. Any update to your OS or graphics software and it will no longer work, meaning you have to buy a whole new version. If you need this software bear in mind you will be lucky to get 6 months use. 3 years ago