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Bad or Rad: The Biggest Loser

Kevin Whipps March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

I never got into The Biggest Loser, but I do remember when the TV show first hit the air more than a decade ago. For the uninitiated, the premise is fairly simple: get some overweight people and film them to see who can lose the most weight each week, and whoever loses the least gets eliminated — or something like that. There have been variations on the premise over the years, but there’s really only one that we care about: the logo.
For a refresher, here’s their old logo:

And here’s the new one:

I suppose this all makes sense, because if you didn’t know that The Biggest Loser was a TV show, you might know it from the related books, products and all the other stuff that carry the brand name. So a change makes sense, is the point.
But is this the right one? Let us know!
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  • My immediate reaction was an "EW!" I'm going to say that this wasn't the best decision for their logo redesign. It feels boring, stale and really not approachable which would in turn mean the entire brand and the products aren't approachable. I wouldn't look twice at an item if I saw it with this logo. 7 years ago
  • They both are pretty bad, but worse is the horrible quality photo you guys chose for the redesign photo. Can it be any more pixelated? 7 years ago
  • Anonymous
    The first one is good actually! Nothing seems bad to me except the color of yellow used as gradient! :/ Dark blue for me work best! :D well, The second one is definitely comes from contest of freelancers website 7 years ago
  • Uaaaaoooo! Their new Logo reminds me to one of these gym energy or protein drink companys that still use their logo back from the 90s. Really sad I don't like that new direction especially remembering having something like this on a shirt or a drinking bottle. Thanks for posting and sharing this I will have an eye on if they change it too for germany :D 7 years ago