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Behind The Scenes: How Stella Caraman Creates Beautiful Watercolor Textures

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 1 min read
When you think of great digital resources, you may not picture someone covered in paint, spending hours working on real, physical artwork. But that’s exactly how Stella Caraman created her popular product, Aquarelle Designers Kit.

In the video below, you’ll see Stella at work as she carefully creates all the great watercolor designs that will eventually be converted into digital patterns, brushes, and shapes. Seeing this kind of dedication and craftsmanship go into products at Creative Market makes us so happy. Our community of designers is unmatched in talent and we love nothing more than to see someone pour themselves into a product like this one. Every time you use Creative Market resources, you’re supporting someone just like Stella in their creative endeavors.

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  • Great video and lovely work @Stella 8 years ago
  • This is great - I really enjoyed the video, Stella. Keep up the great work! I look forward to more of these posts. :) It's always super interesting to see other people's processes. 8 years ago
  • For some reason when I see how other people work I just get really motivated to move my bum and start doing sth. Great vid! Hope to see more : ) 8 years ago
  • Awesome, I feel extraordinary and very happy to see people motivated by other people's process. I am already motivated by your post and comments even if I watched the video a hundreds times :) you guys are making it looks much better, it's so great. Thanks CM!!! 8 years ago
  • Truly beautiful work @Stella Caraman I love the video. 8 years ago
  • Excellent, really nice work! 8 years ago
  • Love the video, and all your beautiful work! @Stella Caraman ;) 8 years ago
  • Thank you guys for your kind words and a big big thank to @Filip Robert for filmmaking! 8 years ago
  • My pleasure! Keep up the good work... 8 years ago
  • Awesome Work! do you then scan the image and remove the white in photoshop? 8 years ago
  • Great video and LOVELY work! 8 years ago
  • @Lisa Glanz, @emanuel velazquez thanks! Yes, those are the usual steps :) 8 years ago
  • Lovely work. Well done. 8 years ago
  • @Stella Caraman Awesome Work! :) 8 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Ha! Love the way you spray it with the white paint :) Thanks for sharing. 8 years ago
  • Such a sweet video, thanks for sharing! @Stella Caraman 7 years ago
  • awesome! 7 years ago