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15 Best Sports Fonts for Athletic Designs

Pattern with sport symbols By Olga Chuklay

Creative Market January 24, 2024 · 7 min read

Sports merchandise is a great way to show off your team spirit, that’s why choosing the right font for your athletic gear or banners is crucial. While some fonts have been designed with specific sports in mind, most of the fonts you’ll see out there don’t directly communicate that you can use them for your sports-related design projects. 

With Creative Market, you have a multitude of sports-inspired fonts that you can use for your athletic projects. Choosing the best font to use for your sports-themed designs may take some time, that’s why we’ve rounded up some cool sports fonts you can use. 

Read on to discover some of the best sports fonts and some tips for choosing the best font you can use to support your favorite teams!  

Choosing a Sporty Font for Your Sports Team

When coming up with a logo for your sports team, fonts are a great element to add impact and power to your overall design. Choosing a font that will translate the dynamic energy and movement of athletes in sports is a great way of determining what the team wants to communicate. 

Here are some of the best sports lettering fonts you can use when designing the logo of your sports team: 

When looking for the best font for your sports branding projects, it is important to understand what style and tone your sports team wants to convey through the team logo. Whether your sports team wants to go for a classic vintage look or an aggressive bold look, we have font choices that you can choose from:

1. Sea Dog Swift

Inspired by stencil lettering captured around a shipyard, Sea Dog is a gritty display font that works well with sports logos. The bold font (available in 24 styles!) makes it a good choice for athletic branding because of the hard-working grit and “roll up your sleeves” attitude conveyed by this typeface.

2. VTF Redzone Classic

VTF Redzone Classic is a great athletic font that is great for designing team logos. Its raw and uncut look with sharp terminals and spur serif gives this typeface an aggressive appearance. With two font styles available, this sleek font is sure to give your sports branding a competitive edge.

3. Empera

Empera is a fearless display font family in six styles for versatility. The vintage athletic character design comes with different renders that can match your team logo, whether you’re going for a clean or a rugged look.

4. Milestone Script

Inspired by vintage baseball, Milestone Script is a set of cursive sports fonts for baseball teams that are aiming for a classic vintage look. This typeface also comes with ornaments that sports designers can explore when branding for teams that want to go for something a little more old-school.

5. Redwing

Redwing is a heavy-duty typeface that will give your team logo a strong yet timeless look. Rooted in athletic block fonts and industrial typography, Redwing is a bold sports font created to represent a team of powerful and confident athletes.

Choosing the Best Font for Sports Jerseys

When finding the best font to use for your sports jerseys, an important factor to consider is that your typeface has a bold and clear set of numbers that can be seen from a distance. Here are some bold font choices for jersey numbers: 

Bold Sport Font Choices for Jersey Numbers

6. Triton 

The Triton Sports Font Family comes in 4 font styles and was created with sports designers in mind. Inspired by sports logo design and Nike’s marketing campaigns, this typeface is a great typeface because of its edgy yet clean look. These versatile sports fonts can be used for a variety of athletic design projects, working especially well for jersey design projects. 

7. Houston

Give your sports jerseys a classic look with these classic sports fonts from the Houston Sports Font Family. This vintage font is a good way to give your team jerseys a classic yet sleek look, whether you’re sporting them on or off the playing field.

8. Vintage Varsity

Vintage Varsity is a great typeface that would work well on sports jerseys, whether they are factory-printed or silkscreened. Inspired by classic letterman jackets, this vintage typeface is a great font choice for creating a strong yet classic jersey design. 

9. Touchdown

Touchdown is a heavyweight typeface that can add grit to your jersey design. This clean athletic typeface is also a great way to add a vintage collegiate feel to your jersey designs and will allow your players to stand out from the rest on or off the playing field.

10. Fair Play

Fair Play is an ideal option for sports jerseys, logos, and sports-related branding. The characters are clean and easy to read as well as scalable, so they can be used for a variety of projects. Fair Play supports several languages, including a wide range of accents and umlauts.

Show Your Team Spirit with Sports Lettering Fonts

A great way to show off your team spirit is by creating banners for your favorite team! A bold display font is a great way to show support for your favorite athletes. Cheer for your sports teams with these bold fonts you can use for your banners: 

Best Fonts for Sports Banners

11. Bison

Inspired by the animal, Bison is a strong and sturdy sans serif font family. With ten all-caps font styles available, this set of sports fonts is a great balance of hard lines and smooth curves with each letter bold and commanding.

12. Varsity Team Sports Font 

Varsity Team is a typeface inspired by school pride and was originally created for a 20-year class reunion shirt. The display typeface is reminiscent of school spirit, making it a great font choice when you want to create a banner to support your school’s sports team!  

13. Total Rage

If you’re aiming for a grunge hand-painted look for your banner, Total Rage is a brush all-caps font that can be used to match the energy of the arena. The uppercase letters of this typeface paired with a strong color palette can help you grab the attention of your favorite athlete.

14. Winner Sans

Winner Sans has a lot of different characters that support Latin-based languages and Greek. It includes currency symbols, arrows, and different types of numerals. It has sophisticated layout features that let you use different letter shapes, fractions, tabular figures, contextual alternates, and has more than 24,000 glyphs in 49 fonts.

15. Integral CF

If you want to make an impact, Integral CF is your best bet. Designed for maximum visual and emotional impact, the six weights (with obliques!) of this typeface are a great choice for banners if your goal is to get noticed. While this typeface lends a very strong and commanding presence, it can also give a fun and contemporary feel to your banner design when multiple weights are used. 

We hope that choosing the right font for your athletic design projects is now a bit easier. You can also check out Creative Market for more athletic design inspiration to keep your projects looking their best! 

Similar to training for professional athletes, designers like yourself can keep getting better with practice. With so many typefaces and design inspiration available at your fingertips, what’s important is to keep your eyes on the prize by staying focused on what and who you’re designing for when choosing the best athletic fonts for your sports-related projects.

Now, go and hit that next athletic design project out of the park, and sign up to Creative Market today! 

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