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Building the World's Marketplace for Design.

By on May 2, 2016 in Community
Building the World's Marketplace for Design.

We started over 10 years ago with ColorSchemer.com & COLOURlovers.com, building tools and communities for creators. In that time, we've focused our efforts on making the most intuitive and delightful user experiences for people looking for inspiration and professional help on their design projects.

Our mission has always been to make beautiful design simple and accessible to all. And to us, a big piece missing from creating that experience was a marketplace that had all the assets a creator would need, and fairly valued the designers who bring these goods to market.

Our first year was eye-opening and incredibly rewarding. Our assumptions about the kind of marketplace people really wanted were validated, we were inspired by the response we got from the creative community, and we helped designers around the world earn more than a million dollars.

Not only did we see an overall picture of the impact we were making, we saw it in very personal success stories too. We saw it with individuals like Dustin Lee, Retro Supply Co. who found the income stability from his Creative Market shop sales to take the leap to chase his dream of starting his own company. These success stories were the motivation for us to pour ourselves into our work and to see just how big we could make Creative Market.

Going Really Big.

From the first month we released it to the world, Creative Market’s trajectory has been up-and-to-the-right. As a founder that has struggled through the dark days of bootstrapping a company, our graphs were the kind of thing you check right before going to bed just to make yourself sleep happy thoughts.

After more than 12 straight months of month-over-month revenue growth, we had a lot of interest in our next fundraising round, and we also had interest from folks who wanted to acquire us.

We had our options, but our priority was finding the opportunity that would best allow us to continue working on our vision and give us the resources to make Creative Market really really big.

When I first spoke to the folks at Autodesk, I was impressed with their vision and where they saw an opportunity to develop a more consumer-focused offering to take their decades of design experience and bring that spirit to the maker movement. As a creative, I've always been in awe of the incredible work that folks are able to create with AutoCAD, Maya and Autodesk's other professional design tools. The animated film I just watched with my wife & daughter... made with Autodesk software. Well-engineered sports cars, dream homes... made with Autodesk software.

Our Vision. On Another Level.

Can this champion of design software extend its legacy to empower designers and makers of all levels? We believe the answer is “yes” so much that we've decided to join them and to continue building this community and our tools and marketplace as part of the Autodesk Consumer Group. And we have big plans to help lead them into a future where beautiful design can be simple and accessible to everyone. Helping people “imagine, design and create a better world” is Autodesk’s mission, but it’s also been our driving force for us since we launched almost a decade.

The whole Creative Market team is joining Autodesk with the same mission, priorities and feature roadmap that we had before... just now we are part of a family that can help us take what we've been doing to a whole new level.

We've always envisioned a Creative Market that lived beyond the walls of a destination website, integrated within the creative tools people use every day... and as part of a company that ships some of the world's best design software, this will become a reality on a level we couldn't have done on our own.

My co-founders Aaron and Chris will be moving to join our SF team in Autodesk's Pier 9 office and makerspace. We're all incredibly excited about not only the future of Creative Market and its continued success at becoming the best marketplace for amazing design, but also the larger story we're now a part of that has for decades empowered makers of handmade goods, and will now empower makers of mousemade goods too.

What does this mean for the community? For customers, it means access to even more high quality content at affordable prices, as we’re able to grow more quickly. For shop owners, it means we’ll have a larger platform to get your products in front of an even larger audience of customers.

Our Story Continues...

We've still got a lot of pages to write in our story, and we'd love for you to join us as a shop owner, a member of our marketplace community, and a part of our growing team.

Thank you so much for all your continued support and here's to many more years working together in a more beautiful world.

Bubs, Founder & CEO.

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  1. creatifolio
    • Staff

    It's been so rewarding to join the marketplace, open a shop, and learn along the way! Keep up the great work. The whole team deserves a big thumbs up. Best of success as you go forward!

  2. wingsart

    Wonderful news and congratulations to all at Creative Market. As a shop owner i'm in this for the long haul, so news like this is music to my ears!

  3. jonisolis

    Congratulations! At the same time I also feel a little worried and hope that growing bigger will not change CreativeMarket in an negative ways. Maybe I have read too many articles about how huge companies are hurting the little people and our earth. Hoping everyone involved will keep the good golden rule in mind; do on to others as you would have them do onto you.

  4. gmacc

    Stay amazing! I hope Autodesk recognizes what makes you so special.
    Congrats, and all the best.

  5. creativenauts

    I sure hope this doesn't effect us authors in a negative way. I've poured my heart and soul into creativemarket and I made decisions to leave Envato to become an ambassador for CreativeMarket. I sure hope I made the correct decisions and I wish you guys the best of luck with AutoDesk. I will say, I have had a number of colleague who we hired directly from AutoDesk and they straight up said that it was not a great place to work at due to management and HIPPO's (highest paid persons opinion) - time will tell I suppose but I do wish you guys the best of luck.

  6. mrcwinn

    Keep pouring your heart and soul @Derek - Creativenauts. :-) We all genuinely care about this community that you've helped build, and we're really excited about this. Also, awesome work so far. Especially love the work you put into your screenshots on the Retro Text Kit. Keep it coming!

  7. creativenauts

    Thanks guys for responding, makes me feel a bit better. I'm just very paranoid about these things due to me taking a big risk but I know the risk that I have taken has finally panned out in the long run. I'm making more secondary income now then I was making with envato and I do truly believe and feel that you guys understand us authors / artists. I'm paranoid that a big company may not see the same things that you guys see in terms of what we as a community want, which is total creative freedom. Again, I respect your decision and I understand that this is a business decision and also a risk, I love Creative Market, I spend 80% of my time on this website, I'm also doing everything that I can to promote it and tell other authors about this wonderful website. I want this to be a successful company and I want to feel like I've done all that I could do to make it all that it can be!! my eyes just started watering and I just got goose bumps!!!!

  8. RetroSupply

    Congratulations you guys!

    I can imagine this type of decision is hard to make. But in the end, I completely understand. Good for you guys for being brave and doing something big!

    I understand @Derek - Creativenauts feelings as well. I've dedicated thousands of hours to Creative Market and made a conscious decision to sell exclusively through you. Mostly because I think you guys are the only people doing it right.

    You don't saturate the market with generic products, you are very generous with your commissions and I can tell you guys REALLY love design. But as a result a large portion of my business comes from Creative Market, which is scary.

    But I know you guys really care about the community you've built. I feel like Creative Market staff and community are part of a big family. I hope Creative Market never loses this.

    I know you guys don't take these decisions lightly. I'm sure you've made a good decision. You guys always have in the past : )

    Here's to many more great years!

  9. jb_sulli

    Creative Market has been awesome. The high quality resources you guys have to offer have already made huge impacts on my projects. Being a one-man show, I cannot thank you guys enough for having prices I can afford. You are really helping the little guys on both the selling and buying end. Thank you!

  10. mattborchert

    This is super interesting news, and I am very excited to see what comes of this big change.

    Hopefully in this case the change is the same ethos and even more resources to spread the word and grow the audience! =)

    Change is a big part of life, so I welcome whatever is coming next!

  11. buildinteractive

    Congrats to the whole Creative Market crew, you have done a fantastic job of growing this community (and so quickly).

    As an author, I would love to hear more about what changes this new partnership will bring. I'm very familiar with other marketplaces (i.e. Envato) and the big advantage I found in CM was the small community feel and trust. For example, adding new items for sale is incredibly easy with CM; there are no hoops to jump through, nor is there a lengthy approval process. I sincerely hope this won't change. If you could further explain the new changes we can expect, I think that would put a lot of author's minds at ease.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  12. Bubs

    Thanks for the continued support all!

    @Joni Solis I understand your concern, but we wouldn't have selected a partner we felt wouldn't take care of the people. We've primarily been in the business of of building communities and inspiring people... and that won't change.

    @Derek - Creativenauts As one of the previous HIPPOs of Creative Market, we will continue to lead the strategy for CM. So if our opinions to date have treated you well, you can count on the continued goodness. ;)

    @Adrian Pelletier The quick answer is that we continue to see a long term vision for Creative Market and will continue working towards it. And while there are some changes that will make sense to support a larger organization we are a part of... at the end of the day, our priority is to keep Creative Market as the best place to buy and sell digital design files... and if we don't deliver on that, nobody wins.


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