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50 Christmas Fonts for All Your Holiday Designs

The holiday season is a time of childlike wonder and beloved traditions. These 50 curated fonts capture the spirit of the season with holiday-themed and Christmas typefaces that blend trendy hand-drawn and calligraphic styles with vintage touches.

Creative Market April 12, 2024 · 10 min read

The holiday season is a time of childlike wonder and beloved traditions. This series of 50 holiday fonts captures the spirit of the season with holiday-themed and Christmas typefaces that blend trendy hand-drawn and calligraphic styles with vintage touches. With features such as alternate character styles and glyphs built in, these holiday typefaces and icon sets can be used for cards, invitations and other Christmas design projects.

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1. Catalina Clemente

Catalina Clemente

is a set of hand-drawn Christmas fonts inspired by the chalkboards seen at boutique coffee shops and bakeries. It comes in both caps and lowercase, and can be used for both headlines and body text.

2. Catalina Anacapa

Tall and thin, Catalina Anacapa has a vintage, hand-drawn look. Including both sans and slab serif styles, this font has small caps and stylistic alternatives for certain letters.

3. Baheula Vintage + Clean Typeface

Inspired by hand-drawn lettering, Baheula is a vintage handcrafted font suited for lettering, quotes, Christmas cards and other design projects. The font set includes stylistic alternatives, international language, and a bonus icon and badges template.

4. Rude Cookie

A hand-drawn font with many alternative characters, Rude Cookie comes in both serif and script fonts. The font pack also includes a bonus typographic quote poster and ornament vector image.

5. Cookies and Milk Font Family

As the name implies, the Cookies and Milk font family evokes the hand-lettered Christmas cards of childhood. The set comes in seven weights and includes instructions for its alternative styles.

6. Carnica

Combining elements of comic and script fonts, Carnica can be used for headlines, invitations and cover designs. Including both upper and lowercase forms, the set also provides multilingual support and special characters.

7. Hello Sweets + Swashes

Created with pen and brush, Hello Sweets is a modern calligraphy script font for invitations, logos posters and other design projects. The set includes a separate set of swashes, ligatures and alternative character styles.

8. Charcuterie Cursive

Charcuterie Cursive

is an upright script font with small imperfections for a rough, hand-lettered feel. With 275 swash and alternate forms, this font set is inspired by the styling of early 1900s café signs and menus.

9. Malisia Script

A soft script font with the loose feel of handwriting, the Malisia Script font set includes several ligatures and alternative style sets that can be edited in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.


A playful font set for invitations, brand and store names, and anything festive, Fiestalogy echoes the look of crayon lines and balloons. The set comes with a bonus vector pack of celebration icons, swashes and special characters.

11. Fantasia Monoline Calligraphy and Bonus

A highly stylized modern calligraphy font, Fantasia can be used for invitations, posters, logos and more. The set includes three bonus T-shirt designs, as well as a set of alternative swashes, ligatures and decorative elements.

12. Lullabies Font Family


is a set of brush fonts that includes both regular and heavy scripts and a set of all-cap sans serifs. All weights have multiple letter options, and the set includes a pack of 95 festive icons.

13. Merry Melody

Echoing the look of vintage cartoons, Merry Melody is a rounded script font. The set includes both upper and lower case letterforms and comes in three styles: Piano, Forte and Mezzoforte.

14. Merry Xmas Font

The Merry Xmas Christmas-themed font set is constructed from a set of 50 different illustrated ornaments, so that each letter appears within an ornament. This digitally created font also comes with a character legend.

15. Christopher Font

A hand-drawn upright script font for posters, invitations and cards, Christopher also includes a set of free watercolor elements in PNG format that can be used in Illustrator and Photoshop.

16. AKOFAType Flurry

From the AKOFAType Utility Series comes Flurry, a font set consisting only of snowflakes – vintage, techno-inspired and everything in between. The set offers 82 snowflake patterns with circular and hexagonal alternates to spruce up cards, posters and other design projects.

17. Thankful Script

A vintage-inspired script font featuring hundreds of alternative styles, swashes and ligatures, Thankful blends element of early 20th-century typefaces and hand lettering. All elements can be customized with OpenType support.

18. ItsHoliday Font


is a stylized calligraphy font based on natural handwriting that’s suitable for cards, art quotes, invitations and even handwritten signatures. The set includes alternatives and a bonus ornament image.

19. AlaNice Modern Calligraphy Font


is a modern font based on natural handwriting, suitable for invitations, cards, quotes and photography. The set includes upper and lower case and font alternatives.

20. Holiday-Creative Script Font

A vintage-inspired script font, Holiday comes in two styles, regular and grunge. The set includes both fonts and glyphs for a total of four fonts.

21. Four Seasons Pro Family

Inspired by nature’s seasonal changes, Four Seasons is a handwritten display typeface that has the look of natural lettering. The set includes an extensive set of ornaments and dingbats, all based on the look of a forest during all four seasons.

22. Merry Light Typeface

Snowy Floral Color Font

is an OpenType-SVG font that is ready to use in all kinds of headlines and prints. Being a color font, you will instantly see the letters and dainty leaves in the right tones to create the magical scenes you see below.

23. Chiko Cookies

Inspired by gingerbread, cookies and ice cream, Chiko Cookies is a fun font for merchandise, cards, posters and more. The set includes upper and lower case, as well as a pack of holiday-themed vector images.

24. Santa Barbara

Designed specifically for wedding projects such as envelopes and invitations, Santa Barbara was created by hand with a calligraphy nib. The upright script font set includes all characters in both capital and lowercase forms.

25. Font With Snow and Snowflakes

With fat uppercase characters capped with snow, this font set has a retro look for cards, posters, invitations and other projects calling for a bold, humorous holiday style.

26. Snow

A handwritten font inspired by children’s printing, Snow brings a light touch to cards, posters and headers. The set includes all characters in a single TTF file.

27. Fox in the Snow

A handwritten script font for cards and invitations, Fox in the Snow comes in both upper and lower case. The set also includes Western and Eastern European language accents.

28. Snow Cone Pro

A playful, hand-drawn font family, Snow Cone Pro echoes childhood in summer. The appearance of each font can be changed with OpenType features, and the set includes a free pack of drawings that complement the fonts.

29. Antarctic

Inspired by the cold expanses of Antarctica, this display font was designed for graphic headlines and large titles. Its thin, embellished capitals come in three weights.

30. Woolen


italicized characters are inspired by a typeface published in 1641. This hand-inked font’s capital letters feature a leaf embellishment that suggests mistletoe – or spring leaves.

31. Ice Cartoon Font


is a casual, all-caps font inspired by Saturday morning cartoons. Suitable for cards, posters and T-shirts, this font set also comes with special Christmas characters and Speech Bubbles sets.

32. Nevica – Winter Icons


is a holiday-themed clip art set featuring 103 hand-drawn winter icons for posters, cards and gift items like mugs, pillows and candles.

33. Winter – a Quirky Uppercase Font

A distinctive, entirely uppercase font with a hand-drawn look, Winter has no punctuation and no numbers. The set includes 72 glyphs and a font face kit for website use.

34. Icing

A handwritten font that mimics the stroke patterns of pointed pen calligraphy, Icing comes as an all-caps set of tall, thin characters for headers, cards and posters.

35. Winter Mix Blizzard

Winter Mix

is a collection of handmade fonts with a weatherworn look for cards, posters, photographs and quotes. The set includes a series of vintage-styled embellishments and swashes.

36. Happy Holidays! Graphic Package

The Happy Holydays package features the CushingTwo family of small, slab serif fonts. The set includes 370 characters, featuring vintage styled figures and small caps for cards, invitations and signs.

37. Winter Wallflowers

Winter Wallflowers

is a set of 25 hand-drawn wallpaper tiles, plus 61 icons, for use as borders or as wallpaper patterns for holiday-themed designs. The set comes with a User’s Guide and colored EPS files of all patterns included.

38. Merry Christmas [2 Fonts] + Free Goods

Merry Christmas

is a hand-lettered font with 165 glyphs for holiday themed cards, invitations and posters. This set includes both the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year script fonts, plus a free set of watercolor elements usable in Illustrator and Photoshop.

39. Moonfrost Script

A hand-lettered script typeface with roughened edges, Moonfrost can be used for letterhead, signage, invitations and other projects requiring an eye-catching header. The set features 444 glyphs and many alternate characters.

40. KG Candy Cane Stripe

A simple font inspired by children’s printing, Candy Cane Stripe features red and white striping in both its upper and lower case characters.

41. DJB Dear Mr. Claus Font

A decorative script font inspired by children’s letters to Santa Clause, Dear Mr. Claus features both upper and lowercase, as well as European characters.

42. Christmas Gingerbread Alphabet

With fat letterforms filled with gingerbread and icing, the Christmas Gingerbread set is not a font, but a set of individual illustrated letters. The set includes cookies elements and a bonus set of four Christmas tree images in PNG format.

43. Nostalgic Script

Nostalgic Script

is a modern brush-lettered script font for titles, signatures, invitations and other projects needing a bold handwritten style. This font set features 315 glyphs and 143 alternate characters with OpenType support.

44. KG Christmas Trees

The Christmas Trees font set consists only of an array of stylized Christmas tree and gift box icons in a variety of styles for decorating cards, invitations and posters.

45. Montreal Script

Montreal Script i

s a loose, modern script font suitable for postcards, invitations, book covers and even blog headers. The font set is available in four file formats and includes caps and lower case.

46. Winter Holidays & Christmas Freebies

Winter Holidays

is a vintage-inspired, holiday-themed font that includes both “simple” and more ornate “fairytale” styles. The set also includes a bonus file of Christmas images in PNG format.

47. White Snowfall Script Font

A hand-drawn calligraphy script font for cards and invitations, White Snowfall includes upper and lowercase, ligatures, numbers and symbols. With OpenType features, the set can be edited in Photoshop.

48. Avaline Script Family + BONUS Extras

Completely handmade, Avaline is a rounded script font that comes in Light, Regular and Bold, plus a bonus style, Avaline Sketch. Each font has over 2,000 characters, with an extensive set of alternatives.

49. Madina Script + Extras

This loose but elegant script font for logos, quotes, invitations and cards comes with a complete set of lowercase alternates for use with any software that has a glyphs panel. Madina Script also comes with a bonus ornament font of 30 hand-drawn elements.

50. November Starlight

November Starlight

is a hand-painted script font featuring long, vertical brush strokes and hand-painted edges. The set includes the November Starlight cursive font and November Starlight Alt, a second version with a new set of lowercase characters for creating variations on the style.

Except for gingerbread letters and a few others, today’s holiday fonts aren’t limited to winter festivities. Versatile and varied, they can bring a handmade feel and script styling to design projects all year round.

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