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Creating Unique Wedding Photos: 6 Moods You Can Totally Copy

Paige Winn April 10, 2024 · 3 min read

Picking the perfect photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding. After all, the photography will be one of your only keepsakes from your special day. So how do you choose? Personality and price are two big factors, but also keep a look out for a photographer’s personal editing style. If you’ve used Instagram, you know how much a photo can change after it’s been shot. It’s easy to look at a photo and decide whether you like it or not, but it can be tougher to put a finger on exactly why you like a particular style. I’m here to help break things down for you using some Lightroom presets found here on Creative Market. Let’s get started!

Vintage Retro

Vintage Retro Lightoom Filter

It’s retro, quirky and non-traditional. A great choice if the wedding has those characteristics, too! Check out the preset:

Matte/ Modern film

This look gives a sense of depth or mood to the scene. Greens become deeper, making it a great choice for an outdoorsy wedding or epic landscape shots with the couple. This matte preset is apart of a large 30 preset-collection:



A dreamy, ethereal feel. Perfect for rustic, outdoor weddings. Get this soft preset:



High contract, bright and saturated. This look makes every shot feel bigger and more dramatic, a great for city weddings

Classic Black and White

Black and White Lightroom Filter

Always in style, evokes emotion and adds depth. You can’t go wrong here – and whatever style you choose, make sure to ask for some black and whites to compliment the entire collection, you won’t be sorry! Check out this must-have:

Classic Film

Classic Film Lightroom Preset

De-saturated, soft tones, a mix of vintage and pastel with subtle grain. Feels like looking at your parents wedding photos (in a very good way).

Everyone has their own style and that’s true for the photographer, too. Make sure you find someone who is a good fit with your personal taste and that you clearly communicate your expectation for the big day’s photos. Here are few more tips for finding the photographer who matches your personal style:

  • Browse vendor directories on your favorite wedding blogs
  • Talk to your recently married friends and ask to see their wedding albums.
  • Request to see a full wedding album from any potential photographers.
  • Ask yourself and your significant other if you think your style will change in a few years.

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