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Design it Yourself: 70’s Aesthetic Quotes for Social Media

DUET ATELIER August 24, 2021 · 6 min read

The 1970s brought about new extravagant and bold graphic design choices. The cultural trends and movements of the time greatly influenced design. It was a time when typefaces and colors became loud, bold, and funky. Combinations of monochrome and bright colors were seen, and rounded, hand-drawn-looking fonts were at the forefront of design. This retro 70’s look is having a resurgence, and you can easily create and customize the look for your own design purposes.

Using Social Media Templates

Creating aesthetically cohesive content for your social media can be very time-consuming when done from scratch. If you don’t have your own social media aesthetic, check out this blog post to create your own social media aesthetic for guidance. A pre-designed customizable social media template can make the creation process more efficient.

Today, we will look at the 70’s-inspired Quote Aesthetic for social media pack below to show you how to create your own designs using these pre-made templates. This pack comes with template sizes for Instagram posts and stories. However, you can also use the Instagram post size for Pinterest or beautiful blog imagery.

This specific bundle requires Photoshop; however, you can get a free 30-day trial if you do not have Photoshop. There are also several social media templates available on Creative Market’s Canva collection.

Design it Yourself

The beautiful thing about these quote templates is that they are as customizable as you want them to be. You can leave them as is, you can simply change the wording, or you can use your own brand fonts and colors to change them completely.

How to Make Your Brand Fit a 70’s Aesthetic

To make your brand fit a 70’s feel, you must first keep in mind key graphic design elements from the ’70s. In order to create a 70’s look and feel, your design must include three key elements:

1. 70’s style fonts
2. Surprising color combinations
3. Gradients and grain

1. Font Selection

Let’s look at the first key element: font selection. This pre-made social media pack uses free fonts that already create that 70’s feel for you (just make sure to download the fonts before you open the files and you are all set). However, if you want to use your own font selection that better suits your brand, you have a few options to keep that 70’s feel. You can use a bold/heavyweight of your font, you can create an outline around your font, or you can search 70’s fonts and find one that fits well with your brand. Thick, bold, curvy, hand-drawn, or bubble-looking fonts are all elements that will give your design a 70’s style. I will show you how you can easily customize the font to make the pre-made template design fit your branding.

Choose an image to edit from the pack to help you design your own 70’s look. I will be editing image 25 to demonstrate. Below is the original quote template.


To edit the text, just click on the text layers and type.

I changed the font from “Coconat” to a more common brand font, “Futura Book.” I chose to make the font bold for the main font and medium for the smaller text.

2. Color Combinations

Let’s look at the second key element: surprising color combinations. These 70’s quote templates offer a variety of 70’s color combinations. However, you can easily customize the colors to match your own brand colors. The 70’s used exciting and unique color combinations such as bold and bright colors mixed with monochrome or muted color tones. You can easily customize template colors to be more suitable for your brand. For example, if you normally use neutral colors only, try throwing in a pop of color.

Instructions: Choose an image to edit from the pack to help you design your own 70’s look. I will be editing image 06 to demonstrate. Below is the original quote template.


To edit the background color, double click on the background layer (highlighted in green) and pick the new color you want. Editing the text in this file is slightly different because it is a smart object. Just double click on the textual smart object layer to edit (highlighted in yellow). The smart object will open up a new tab allowing you to customize the font.

I simply added different words and changed the colors to create a new look. I chose a muted background color with a bold pop of blue.

3. Gradients and Grains

Lastly, let’s look at the last key element: gradients and grain. Gradients and grain are the simplest and quickest way to help your design have a more 70’s feel to it. There are several gradients and grains already created in the 70’s quote pack that you could easily drag and drop from one template onto another. However, you could also always purchase more gradient and grain options on Creative Market or even create your own.

Instructions: Choose an image to edit from the pack to help you design your own 70’s look. I will be editing image 16 to demonstrate. Below is the original quote template.


Option One: To add a gradient to this template, I will copy the gradient from image 10 and paste it above the background in image 16.

I changed the words, text color, and added a gradient.

Option Two: To add a simple grain to this template, select the background layer (I changed the background color to a light pink) and then select Filter > Noise > Add Noise (I chose 12 for the amount and then selected ok).

I changed the background color, text, and added grain.


If you need some design or quote inspiration, Pinterest and Behance are fantastic places to search. If you are trying to create and have looked at inspiration and are still feeling creatively stuck, check out this blog post on overcoming a mental block.

Stay Creative!

If you are looking for more 70’s quote templates, check out the Quote Aesthetic II for Instagram pack below.

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