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20+ Logos, Fonts & WordPress Themes for Travel Bloggers

Ciera Holzenthal March 2, 2021 · 4 min read

Travel blogging is steadily growing as one of the most exciting spaces in online content creation. Savvy travelers with a knack for writing and photography have become the perfect type of storyteller in a generation that is passionate about exploring the world. As airfare and hotels have become more accessible, almost anyone can consider documenting trips in a way that others might find useful when planning their own. As travel bloggers grow in number and expertise, many shop owners have started creating unique design assets to help them thrive. Throughout this article, we will look at over 100 logo templates, fonts, and WordPress themes that are perfect for travel bloggers.

Unique Logo Templates for Travel Bloggers

One of the most popular trends for travel blog logos is to go with an Earthy, rugged feel. These particular logo template packs evoke outdoor activities like camping, surfing, fishing, and hiking.

If what you are looking for is a more hand-drawn visual style, these illustrated emblems feature unique textures and help build an organic aesthetic for the brand.

Some travel blogs focus on luxury destinations and require a logo that conveys more elegance and sophistication. In these cases, consider going for minimal emblems or stamps like the ones you’ll find below.

In case you need a typography-based logo, try some of the font combinations in this pack by John Wayk Co.

Lastly, this particular pack by the creative team at StationSeven offers a complete branding suite. It includes templates for logos, submarks, wordmarks, favicons, and even blog buttons.

Fonts for Travel Bloggers

Jen Wagner’s fonts are perfect for travel blogging because she has drawn inspiration from particular cities for every single one of them. You’ll be able to tell because she has also named individual fonts after the cities that inspired them. Edinburgh and Tokyo are two great examples.

Some fonts are particularly useful for travel blogging because they evoke that wanderlust vibe. Hand drawn, worn out fonts are reminiscent of the outdoors. Since they are not pixel perfect, they remind us of nature’s imperfections — so many of which we come to admire when traveling.

The Fresh Exchange has also created some truly stunning fonts that capture that laid-back, joyful spirit behind traveling. Their hand drawn character adds to the ideas of exploration and adventure.

Imagi Type Co’s Fetridge & Outfitter Script is a perfect example of a rugged font duo with an outdoorsy visual style. It also includes a vector pack to help you create the complete look.

If you’re looking for a font that looks a little less worn out and more energetic, check out Venture by Micromove.

A thin, tall font can also convey the naivety that comes with discovering a new place.

WordPress Themes to Power Your Travel Blog

Because photography is so important for a travel blog, you will want to install a WordPress theme that truly highlights images. These types of themes are often minimal and feature ample white space. After all, every visual element you add to the blog readers’ experience is directly competing with the beauty of these destinations.
Olivia is a great example of a WordPress theme that highlights amazing photography.

Aside from the awesome logo templates we saw above, Station Seven also produces some of the most stunning blog themes for WordPress. Analogue, for example, is a great choice for those who wish to document their travel adventures in an online journal.

It is no surprise that Oleander is one of the most popular WordPress themes at Creative Market. It is a perfect fit for lifestyle bloggers who need advanced features like Woocommerce integration.

If you’re into the Nordic aesthetic, take a look at Tuulikki. With different header layout options and a clean overall look, your photos will definitely stand out to users.

The Pen and Parker theme reminds us of vintage newspapers and travel nostalgia.

There’s so much more to see!

New design resources for travel bloggers are constantly being added here. Make sure to check out that page regularly to stay on top of the newest trends in the travel blogging design space.

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