20 Professional Tri-fold Brochure Templates To Help You Stand Out

By on Dec 21, 2017 in Inspiration
20 Professional Tri-fold Brochure Templates To Help You Stand Out

Brochures can still be relevant in this day and age. From fashion models to product launches, a print pamphlet can sometimes mean more than a social media post. They not only look gorgeous, but can be easily passed on to friends, family, or colleagues. Customers who are strongly interested in your brand or services can quickly pick brochures from your office or store. Your little booklets will also remain relevant for as long as you need them to be.

Not sure whether you need or want one? Don’t worry: here’s a list of the best professional tri-fold brochure designs to inspire you.

Professional Tri-fold Brochures To Help You Stand Out

1. Photography Trifold Brochure

This template is perfect for photographers who want to take their hobby to the next level. Highly customizable for beautiful brochures in no time.

2. Focus - Agency 3fold Brochure

The clean and sleek lines of this simple brochure template will look great for any purpose: whether for creative agencies or as a personal portfolio.

3. Drink Menu Templates

Do you own a restaurant or a bar? Try this minimalist design that’s simple and easy on the eyes.

4. Portfolio Trifold Flyer Rhombus

The delicate design of this multi-purpose portfolio tri-fold brochure template makes it perfect for those in the fashion, photography, and creative industries.

5. Wedding Photography Brochure

Stand out from your competition in this elegant and modern wedding photography brochure template that not only showcases but also informs.

6. Photography Exhibition Tri-fold

Hosting your first art exhibition? Then get this bold template that comes with bonus stock photos in a highly user-friendly format.

7. Modelling Agency Trifold Brochure

Featuring vibrant inside and outside page designs that’s ideal for modeling agencies and photographers.

8. Photography Trifold Brochure

The soft watercolor design of this template will showcase your skills without overpowering the overall look and feel of the final outcome.

9. Product Trifold Brochure III

The minimal design of this tri-fold brochure template is perfect to promote products like clothes, furniture, and architecture.

10. Simplest Trifold

A simple but practical tri-fold design that’s bound to get your message clearly to all potential customers and clients.

11. Boudoir Brochure Template

Simply drop in your own photos, change to your desired colors, and add in your logo for a finished product that looks like it took you hours!

12. Trifold Product Brochure

Want to showcase your photos? Check out this nifty tri-fold design that allows for big pictures for maximum impact.

13. FERNS Trifold Event Flyer

Dark, mysterious, but full of character, this template is fit for events, seminars, workshop, launches, advertising, and more.

14. Newborn Trifold Brochure INDD

Are you a photographer who caters to newborns? Then this tri-fold brochure design is perfect for you.

15. Trifold Fashion Brochure

This sleek and modern template is ideal for use by fashion, lifestyle, and branding professionals. Includes free fonts and images to make editing easier.

16. Cancer Charity Tri-Fold Brochure

For all the causes you care about, this tri-fold brochure template is all you need. Best used for charities, community groups, and fundraising events.

17. Agency Profile Tri-Fold Brochure

A clean and simple template that’s great for designers, photographers, architects, food stylists, and creative agencies.

18. J U N I P E R Trifold Brochure

A beautiful multi-purpose brochure template that’s ideal for advertising, events, photography, fashion, or product information.

19. MALINA Trifold Brochure + Pattern

This modern tri-fold brochure template includes 20 hand-drawn seamless patterns to add more character to your final design.

20. MILESTONE Trifold Brochure

This beautiful tri-fold template features three vector logo templates to fully customize your design.

With dozens of amazing brochure templates to choose from, you may want to reflect on your own needs before buying one.

  • First, understand your motives for needing one.
  • Second, plan your brochure’s content. Make sure it’s the most basic or updated information so you won’t need to change it very often.
  • Third, consult a third party if necessary to get feedback on your final output before printing.

Creative Market has plenty of professional-looking brochure designs and templates from their best independent creatives out there. From something clean and minimalist, to something more colorful and contemporary, there’s a pamphlet for every cause.

Buying a pre-made brochure template will save you hundreds of dollars and hours of your time. After your purchase, you can just customize and print. And voilà – a beautiful tri-fold booklet that you can instantly distribute to potential customers or employers. Add this to your arsenal of marketing tools and see how far a pretty tri-fold brochure can take you.

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