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20 Free Chrome Extensions That Make Web Design Much Easier

Igor Ovsyannykov March 31, 2021 · 9 min read
Web design has its fair share of intricacies and technical complications. It’s a specialized field that does not just require creativity – you need the right tools to make the work as seamless as possible as well. Google, being the trusted online genius that you rely on each time you have a question in mind, has laid everything down for developers and designers. Google Chrome allows you to install powerful and helpful extensions that make the job easier. And with design and developer tools built right into your favorite browser, it’s all easier and more efficient from hereon. Here are 20 free Chrome extensions that make web design a whole lot easier.

1. Responsive Web Design Tester

Every web developer and designer knows how crucial it is to create responsive designs. It’s a mobile-driven world, and without the ability to adjust as needed, your design will be pushed aside. Years ago, the major problem developers had with this transition to responsive design was testing. You had to have every imaginable device and gadget in front of you just so you can clearly see how your design pans out in every format. That’s the problem that the Responsive Web Design Tester solves. Through this extension, you can preview your responsive design right on your browser as if you were looking at it from a mobile device. chrome-extensions-web-designers-20

2. Window Resizer

The huge differences in browser resolutions can also become a problem when you’re a designer or developer. Through the Window Resizer, you can test your layout on different resolutions straight from your Google Chrome. It gives you an entire list of different resolutions, and you have the capacity to add and delete resolutions as well as reorder the list. It even gives you customizable global key shortcuts and lets you use your personal settings on a different computer. chrome-extensions-web-designers-19

3. ColorPick Eyedropper

At some point, you’ve probably seen color schemes that you want to apply to your own work. By using ColorPick Eyedropper, you can click on any part of the page you see online and get the color values of the specific shade or tint you need. It definitely saves you from the hassle of having to go through color charts just to find the right hue that corresponds to the color you saw online. The tool may not work as efficiently if you’re a tab on Chrome through your Mac though, but opening the page on a new window often does the trick. chrome-extensions-web-designers-18

4. CSS Viewer

From the name itself, the CSS Viewer gives you a peek at the CSS properties of every page. By clicking on the extension icon, it opens up a panel that shows the identity of whatever section of each page you point your mouse pointer on. You can check the font, the color, the background used, the position, as well as the attributes used. It’s all the CSS information you need all in one tool. chrome-extensions-web-designers-17

5. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Trouble imagining how your design would look once the text is added in? The Lorem Ipsum Generator lets you add text to your design to give you a clearer look at how it’s all going to end up. You can even choose how many paragraphs you need to add and how many words you need in a single paragraph. Everything is generated randomly, giving you the closest you can even get to the actual text to be placed on your design eventually. chrome-extensions-web-designers-16

6. WhatFont

People use different fonts for their designs, and once in a while, you’ll come across someone’s page and see a font type that will grab your attention. Of course, there are thousands of font styles out there, and no single designer, no matter how great or experienced you are, can name every single font they see without batting an eyelash. With the WhatFont extension installed on your browser, you can finally find out what fonts a certain page uses just by hovering your pointer over the text. chrome-extensions-web-designers-15

7. Grammarly

Just because you are not in charge of content does not mean that it’s okay to let your grammar go. Each page is still your creation, after all, and it’s important that you pay close attention to everything that goes onto your work. The Grammarly extension allows you to keep the text on your page error-free. It does not just find spelling errors, it also finds correctly-spelled words used the wrong way. It does so much more than just your basic spelling and grammar check on Word. It can detect complex errors that your naked eye may miss. chrome-extensions-web-designers-14

8. Last Pass

You probably have a ton of login details to remember, especially when you’re working on a ton of secured pages. Last Pass is a free password manager that saves all your passwords and allows you to go to every page you manage in a secure manner. chrome-extensions-web-designers-13

9. PageRuler

If you want your work of art to be perfect, you need to see the things that your regular eye just cannot see. This is what PageRuler is for. It gives you exact pixel dimensions of every element you see on the screen, working as a ruler that you can use to make sure everything is correctly positioned. chrome-extensions-web-designers-12

10. DomFlags

If you’re the type who wants things to be speedier, DomFlags is the best solution. The extension allows you to set keyboard shortcuts for different DOM elements. Through this tool, you can tweak and interact with your DevTools the more efficient way. chrome-extensions-web-designers-11

11. Project Naptha

People often groan inwardly when they see that the text they need to copy is part of an image. This means that it can’t be copied and pasted onto your own clipboard or document. With the help of Project Naptha, all that is suddenly possible. It uses amazing computer vision algorithms to do this, making it easy for you to copy any text you see on images online. chrome-extensions-web-designers-10

12. YSlow

Every developer and designer knows that part of your goal is to make sure pages load as quickly as possible. Any slow-loading page could easily turn audiences off, failing just about every SEO guideline there is. This is why you need YSlow. YSlow analyzes web pages and measures their speeds. To make it even better, it also gives recommendations on what you can do to improve page performance based on what it sees on your page. This way, you can find solutions to loading problems right away and tweak everything necessary to come up with a better performing page. chrome-extensions-web-designers-9

13. Web Developer Checklist

Every web developer and designer follows a certain set of rules, but because this is an unbelievably long list, it is easy to forget or miss out on some of the basics. This Web Developer Checklist helps you make sure you have everything covered from end to end. It has a list of best practices that you should be following, and helps you discover any issues or problems with your site. chrome-extensions-web-designers-8

14. Instant Wireframe

Wondering about how each page is laid out? Let Instant Wireframe help you out. It adds a wireframe overlay over different local and web pages, making it easier for you to replicate sites of inspiration or work on improving your own pages’ layout or design. chrome-extensions-web-designers-7

15. AppJump

We keep talking about downloading a number of extensions, but what happens when you have so much of them? It’s probably going to be harder and harder to keep track of all of them the more extensions you add to your browser. It’s a good thing AppJump makes it easy for you. It gives you easy access to the apps you use most frequently, and even lets you group similar apps together. This makes it easier to manage everything. Because of this, launching apps is a snap no matter how many you have. chrome-extensions-web-designers-6

16. Aviary Screen Capture

Screen captures are essential in every developer and designer’s everyday life. Although there are a lot of other screen capture extensions out there, Aviary stands out because of its concern for your privacy. Other tools need access to your computer data, but that’s something Aviary doesn’t need. From here, you can happily capture, crop, and edit ay screen with ease. chrome-extensions-web-designers-5

17. HTML Instant

Editing HTML codes in real time is finally possible and easier to do through HTML Instant. Just enter the code you need on the panes provided, and you can apply the changes right then and there. It even lets you grab and embed images directly from your Imageshack or Photobucket account. chrome-extensions-web-designers-4

18. MicroStock Photo Power Search Tool

If you often access different photo libraries for images you need on your designs, MicroStock is a nifty tools for you to use. Especially if you need photos in an instant, it’s easier to have access to multiple image libraries in one go. That’s what MicroStock does for you. chrome-extensions-web-designers-3

19. Palette for Chrome

It’s common for designers to see pages that make them inspired to create a color palette for their own work. But it’s too much of a hassle to manually make a palette out of what you see. Through this palette creator, you can click on any image on any page and come up with a palette based on it. You can even choose how many colors you want to incorporate in your palette! chrome-extensions-web-designers-2

20. Search by Image

See an image online that interests you, but you have no idea what it is? Through the Search by Image extension, you can right click on any image and search Google for more information about the image. You can find out what it’s called, or where it is. It’s perfect for finding out titles of art pieces, names of landmarks from all over the world, and so on. chrome-extensions-web-designers-1 Life is definitely easier with these Google Chrome extensions around. A web developer and designer’s life will still be a challenge, but at least, you can be 100% sure that all your processes are more seamless than ever.

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