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HOW Live 2013: Stickers, Sign-Ups & Sketchnotes

Lesley Yarbrough March 22, 2024 · 3 min read

Last year in Boston, we had a great time sharing with HOW Live attendees about the platform we were in the process of building. Earlier this week in San Francisco, the team had a great time sharing our now 8+ months old platform with all the nice folks who stopped by our expo booth on Monday and Tuesday. We gave away some shirts, new stickers that Liam designed, and free credits to folks who came by our booth and signed up!
CM at HOW Live 2013
Although we showed up to make new friends with the HOW Live attendees (and visit with old ones from last year), I went to a few panels and created sketchnotes for the talks I attended. Here they are, in the order that they occurred.
How to Steal Like an Artist with Austin Kleon
Austin is a writer who draws, the author of Steal Like An Artist and Newspaper Blackout, and a great speaker. His humorous and honest opening keynote was full of relevant personal stories and creative historic context.
Play with Jessica Walsh
Jessica is a designer, art director and partner at the infamous NYC based design studio Sagmeister & Walsh. She teaches at SVA & speaks around the world. Jessica shared a generous portion of her work during the talk – all of which exudes rich creative thinking expressed in the mediums of photography and videography.
Creatively Recalculating Your Daily Design Routine with Von Glitschka
Von runs the multi-disciplinary firm Glitschka Studios, and writes and speaks on the topics of design and creativity frequently. To get himself out of his comfort zone, he had his daughter pick out a costume to give his talk in, which ended up being a “giant stupid rabbit” as Von put it.
Reinventing Your Ideas with Johnny (Earle) Cupcakes
I planned on seeing this talk, but missed it at the last minute. Regardless, here is Johnny’s mugshot which is all that I managed to draw before having to skip. Fortunately, he’s got some of his speaking engagements on his site. Also, he was behind the free HOW shirt giveaway too.
Selling Creativity with Mary Zalla
Mary is the CEO of the international branding agency Landor, and also started an internal program called Renaissance – internal movement designed to reignite passion for and commitment to creativity. Mary spoke eloquently on the processes surrounding presenting work to clients and the psychological dynamics of earning trust for the sake of innovation.
The Craft of Design with Christian Helms
Christian is the founder of Helms Workshop and co-owner of Frank Restaurant in Austin, Texas. He shared lots of samples of his award-winning work and stories from growing up that illuminated his current passions and interests in his work.
Storytelling in the Age of the Tablet with Dr. Mario Garcia
Dr. Garcia runs Garcia Media, has won numerous awards in the field of news design, and combines writing, editing and design in his iWED philosophy.
We hope you enjoyed these sketchnotes as much as I did making them. The HOW Live event for next year will be in Boston, and we’ll try to be there. Hope to see you again soon, friends!

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