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How to Create Beautiful Presentations

Maryam Taheri March 26, 2024 · 3 min read

In order to convey an idea, especially a truly great one, you must present it in a format that is easy to understand, appealing to watch and inspiring to the audience. Some presentations are made to persuade the people watching to think a certain way while others are meant to teach about a subject, but the vast majority does a bit of both. There are many ways to create beautiful presentations that are both informative and moving by balancing elements like color, design, typography, branding and artwork. But while everyone knows an enjoyable presentation from a boring or terrible one, they don’t always know how to create a great one. Here are some quick tips on how to make a presentation pop, along with examples of successful demonstrations.

Make it Short But Sweet

The key to an engaging and lovely slide show is keeping it short. Most experts recommend using 10 slides and speaking for 20 minutes, but this will depend on what’s expected of your presentation. Even if you’re expected to perform for an hour, make sure the slides are quick and easy to digest. It never hurts to have a few humorous add-ins or a brief moment of music or sound that can keep people paying attention throughout the experience. Watch this video to see what you should be emphasizing in your presentation based on your subject matter.

Use Distinctive Templates

Try to avoid using stock templates from whatever program you’re utilizing. PowerPoint is the most popular, though there are other options. You want a template that’s clean, attractive and free of kitschy design. In fact, you can even use your own. But don’t hesitate to look at modern examples to help inspire or reduce your work time. Check out some of these templates below:


Incorporate Appealing Colors, Fonts and Layouts

Again, you’ll want to keep this relatively minimalist, but there’s a good rule of thumb for each element. Choose five colors and use one as an accent. This will draw attention and create energy within your slides. Choose three fonts, and don’t go crazy with the decorative and curlicue styles. You want one for the titles, one for the body text and a last one for accent points. Finally, choose a layout scheme that’s simple but suggests to viewers where they are in the presentation. At the most basic, have one for transition slides and one for content, and make sure they complement each other. Here are some typefaces that you may like to use in your presentations:

Rely on Images

People are moved more readily by images than by words. Especially if a presentation is longer or more complicated, it helps to employ stirring pictures that illustrate a point and use a handful of words (ideally less than 16 per slide) in order to transmit an idea. Stock photography is a great way to include high-quality images inexpensively or for free. You can also use other graphics to help engage the audience.


Creating a gorgeous and entertaining presentation doesn’t have to be rocket science. Utilizing some basics ideas, you can make a proposal pop and garner applause and admiration from the audience. Simplicity is the key but for more inspiration, watch Steve Jobs present any of his groundbreaking ideas and see how beauty and technology find harmony.

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