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How to Hand Letter Your Own Save the Dates

Hannah Hathaway April 11, 2024 · 2 min read

It’s a digital age, but you can still add a personal, hand-drawn touch to your digital creations by using your own hand lettering. Handlettered-Save-the-Date-1 There are many methods you can use to transfer your handwriting and artwork into digital graphics, but today we will be using some good old fashioned ink and paper. Oh, and a little Photoshop magic. Handlettered-Save-the-Date-2 Not a pro at penmanship? No problem! One tip for gorgeous-looking freehand calligraphy is to pen your design out with a fine tipped pen, and then thicken your downward strokes. Try it. It’s super easy. Once you add a thicker line, you can always go over and do detailed work later to make sure everything is smooth. Handlettered-Save-the-Date-3 For this particular project, we are making a “Save the Date” card. Now that we have penned out the above design, we need to scan it into the computer, and use the magic wand tool to extract the lettering into a transparent graphic. Handlettered-Save-the-Date-4 Another fun touch is to make your own watercolor background for the card. Not a painter? No worries, Creative Market has lots of watercolor goodies. You can digitize your watercolor artwork in the same way as the lettering. Handlettered-Save-the-Date-11 To put your designs together, create a canvas size for your card & choose CYMK as the Color Mode. Handlettered-Save-the-Date-5 Paste your background of choice into the document and center it. You can play around with the coloring and saturation of your watercolor background if desired. Handlettered-Save-the-Date-7 Next, place your hand-lettered graphic on top of the background. Handlettered-Save-the-Date-8 Add all your other details and embellishments. The pattern was just hand drawn into Photoshop using a Wacom Cintiq, and the extra wording was created using the front “Arrow Script” which includes arrow glyphs in the actual font. Handlettered-Save-the-Date-9

Lastly, for an extra touch of texture, add some watercolor overlays as clipping masks over all your graphic and font elements. The texture used for the clipping mask background was from the “Epic Designer Watercolor Kit”.
Handlettered-Save-the-Date-10 Tada! Now you have a unique, fun design with personal touches from you, making it truly one of a kind.

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