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If US Presidential Candidates Were Fonts

Marshall Taylor March 31, 2021 · 2 min read

For this post, I wanted to find which fonts best match the 2016 presidential candidates. This list is not comprehensive. Instead, I used the current front runners and researched their defining qualities to match these with the font that best represents them. The pairings don’t reflect their physical characteristics, instead focusing on their personal traits.
I should mention that the pairings highlight the opinion of the media and popular articles/videos on the internet, since that is where the lion’s share of the research was done. I, of course, don’t know any of these candidates personally and tried to reflect only the results of my research and not personal biases.

Hillary Clinton

Font choice: Freight Display Pro Semibold
Hillary Clinton
Hillary’s career guided this pairing; drawing from her start as a lawyer after an extensive education, which has fed into her many years as a dedicated career politician.
Keywords: Lawyer, educated, determined, experienced.

Bernie Sanders

Font choice: Prosto Sans Black
Bernie Sanders
Prosto Sans matched Bernie Sander’s determined and idealist personality. It is an approachable font that is underpinned with clarity and quirkiness.
Keywords: Activist, progressivist, grassroot, non militant

Donald Trump

Font choice:American Chromatic
Donald Trump
American Chromatic seemed to match more than just his personality, but also Trump’s patriotism and political views. He has captured thousands with the idea that political correctness has no place in our society. American Chromatic also fits Trump’s past experiences in entertainment.
Keywords: Businessmen, pompous, funny, personality

Jeb Bush

Font choice: Museo Sans Rounded 700
Jeb Bush
Museo, like the Bush family, is like a repeating work horse. They both carry forward their experiences and lessons, looking to shape their impression on their listeners. Furthermore, they have a familiarity that is easy to return to, but not always the best to return to.
Keywords: family, honest, legacy, experienced, nice

John Kasich

Font choice: Times New Roman Italic
John Kasich
Kasich, like Times New Roman, is qualified, prestigious, well-crafted, and sometimes arrogant. Both could benefit from a vacation.
Keywords: Qualified, by-the-book, blunt-spoken, arrogant

Ted Cruz

Font choice: Ubuntu Light
Ted Cruz
With hard edges and sharp corners, Ubuntu seemed like the ideal match for Ted Cruz, a fiercely conservative, and stubbornly focused individual.
Keywords: Focused, stubborn, intelligent, conservative

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