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10 Interior Design Logo Ideas for Beginners

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Creative Market January 18, 2022 · 8 min read

Whether you’re working alone or with multiple designers, an interior design logo can be shorthand for communicating your design sense to potential clients. 

A perfect interior design logo can vary from designer to designer so here’s a quick breakdown of what you can do to create your own.

Those working in the interior design industry — or any visual industry for that matter — understand that good designs over the years have helped shape certain visual languages to give specific meanings. For example, minimalism can communicate simple sophistication and class, vivid colors communicate fun, geometric shapes can be taken as vintage and neutral colors communicate professionalism. 

In the same way, color psychology advocates for choosing the right color for your potential logo to add credibility to your design logo through correct association. Notice that most fast food chains use a combination of the bright colors yellow, red and orange.

That isn’t to say you can use bright colors in professional logo designs, but it’s always good practice to remember what works and where you can explore more creative directions. If you need a refresher on color theory, you can check out this article on the difference between complementary and analogous color schemes. You might even start to gravitate toward a deeper understanding of what you want for your own logo.

Ideas for Developing Your Logo Concept

Start by evaluating the kinds of concepts your interior design company tends to favor: Do you favor minimalist spaces, or do you take inspiration from specific art movements? Do you operate with specific color palettes or take inspiration from famous celebrity homes?

Your logo design can serve you the best when it can accurately represent what you can do for your clients. If you’re a business that works with multiple interior designers with various specialties, you might want to opt for a universal logo that covers all the ground you need.

Ideas for Making Your Logo Creative

While understanding what works is the safest way to make a logo design for your interior design business, sometimes the tried-and-true logo concepts can’t quite capture how you stand out in your industry. 

Experimenting with different elements or exploring a typical logo and changing just one thing can actually give way to a design breakthrough. Creativity only comes after innovating from foundational ideas. So to understand some basics of logo design, check out the design elements specific to interior design and pay attention to how they customize the building blocks of design.

Interior Design Logo Elements

Much like how interior design focuses on three key spatial concepts — style, focal point, and balance — designing your own interior design logo should also reflect these concepts. Styles can reflect your company principles in interior design, a focal point that emphasizes your message, and balance harmonizes these ideas into robust brand identity both in practice and in graphic design.

A combination of colors, layouts, typography, and shapes are all important parts that make up a logo. Interior designers and graphic artists often choose to highlight one or two specific points such as in the following examples to understand exactly what style works the most.

Fonts as minimal logos are a mainstay design idea for any or all industries. As a quick educational aside on fonts: serif is a Dutch word that comes from “a stroke of a pen” and, in typography, refers to the decorative strokes that finish off the end of a letter’s “stem”; “sans” is from French, meaning “without,” functionally giving way to the term “sans serif,” which means “without serif.”

Open source fonts: Source Serif Pro and Open Sans Extra Bold

These are just the first two basic classifications of typefaces, with serif fonts being used the most for classy timeless vibes and sans serif being favored by more modern minimalist designers. Their staying power lies in simplicity, and whether you choose serif or sans serif fonts to represent your brand, you can explore both options with your business name to see what closely reflects your branding. 

Here are a few interior design logo samples to illustrate the look and feel of serif or sans serif typography:

These samples follow the serif and sans serif fonts mentioned earlier that follow the typical standard of the two basic classifications of typefaces discussed earlier, but here’s a number of other typefaces that innovate from those that you can use. 

Decorative typefaces can also look like sans serifs but with light embellishments, and script typefaces like the following examples work just as well too. The former often works for innovative interior design companies, those that take on maximalist or revival movements and the like, while the latter is often associated with contemporary minimalism.

Fonts can also take on far more decorative elements. We’ll see a few in later examples. These more specific typefaces are great options that innovate upon a known standard and are what make a creative logo that can improve the impression of the company by name alone.

Logo ideas can also stray toward illustrations as a way to create interest in your interior design company. Symbols or basic iconography used as aesthetic signage or graphic design letters look great on various branding assets and can give the impression of a unique signature of an interior designer.

Simple graphic elements that are familiar don’t have to be boring as seen from these examples. Whether you’re borrowing imagery from your industry or taking inspiration from nature as your company projects’ signature style, a well-chosen piece of iconography can be a minimal but fun choice for a logo when paired with a statement color.

Creative Interior Design Logo Examples

Challenge your creativity by opting for more eccentric choices in fonts and shapes that can make your interior design business stand out from the more aesthetically conservative design ideas. 

One idea is to start with a good font of your choice and customize certain parts of the lettering to build on its aesthetic. You can do this by playing with lines or sharp angles until you’re satisfied, or you can simulate these ideas with logo makers.

Creative logos like the samples above build upon fonts and graphics and meld them together for a more unique statement logo. Adding graphic design elements to letters such as the O in “Seahoarse” or applying rounded geometrical lines for your typeface can be a simple standout logo design in itself. Remember that you’re illustrating your interior design company through the decorative font style you choose. Seahoarse above uses art deco aesthetic, while Rubbo implies minimalist futurism.

Modern Style Interior Design Logos

A modern interior design logo tends to borrow from the lines and unique shapes of today’s environment and even evoke a certain feeling through choice design concepts. Some fonts look like buildings, while some logos look inspired by contemporary interior decoration pieces or certain design concepts such as negative space.

Modern logos don’t necessarily have to constantly build off of a previous design element and can benefit from some negative space and line reductions as seen in the fonts above. Modernism creates a different feel from the previous examples but doesn’t undercut creativity or presentation. The above logos are a postmodern minimalist set of options for your consideration.

More Inspiration for Making Your Own Interior Design Logos

If the above samples scratched the itch for some inspiration but are not enough to kick-start you out of a creative block, sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective. Here’s a batch of our Staff Picks for our highlighted fonts, templates, and other content chosen as potential popular assets that you can use for your design project.

But other than poring over more fonts, illustrations and templates to make interior design logos, try reading tangentially related content like logo designs for other industries or specific products. When you’re feeling stuck working on a specific project for so long, you can have blinders that keep you from finding inspiration in even the most unexpected places. 

If you’re still feeling a little lost, you can revisit general design ideas behind what makes a good logo. But if you already have the inspiration you need to make your own interior design logos, you might want to explore the stuff we have for other creative projects related to interior design like mock-ups, preparing business presentations, or creating mood boards for inspiration. 

Do these sound interesting to you? Feel free to sign up here for more guides, templates, and other tips and tricks for your next creative project.

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