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Introducing Our Color of the Season: Honey Dijon

Introducing Our Color of the Season: Honey Dijon
Laura Busche April 21, 2024 · 2 min read

This has truly been a throwback summer. A global health crisis has forced us to reimagine the spaces, events, and experiences that brought us the most joy. Regardless of where you live or how health mandates have reshaped your every day, it’s been a season for deep reflection. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere face a dilemma: what does Summer look like when the sun is out and so many are staying in? What does it feel to go through the season where we’re used to coming together when you’re supposed to stay apart?
It feels like Honey Dijon. Atypically bittersweet. Just like mustard spiked with a bit of wine and a pinch of honey, this hue exudes mixed feelings. It captures a summer that is proving to be less energetic, more contemplative, and unlike anything we could have imagined.

Summer 2020 has been a period of reflection about what truly matters to us, marked by ebbs of hope and flows of uncertainty. It’s also had a distinctively nostalgic spirit: many of us have taken comfort in remembering the moments of joy we’ve lived in summers past, which remind us of the possibilities in those to come. All in all, Honey Dijon is a Summer-to-Fall hue that feels transitional, much like everything else right now.

Introducing Honey Dijon

HEX: #E2AE61
RGB: 226, 174, 97
CMYK: 1, 32, 72, 0
Pantone: 2009 C
Looking for a refresher on the various color codes, what they mean, and their applications? Make sure to check out this article where we explore the differences and technical details you need to know.

Start Using Honey Dijon

Here’s a curated collection of Creative Market products that are already using Honey Dijon or slight variations of it. Try your hand at this hue with a template or graphic that is well-considered and ready to use:

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