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  • One thing I would add especially for a startup, is don't let your "logo" block you from actually "starting-up." 6 years ago
  • @alex joganic - Solid advice :) 6 years ago
  • @alex joganic Thank you for reading!:) 6 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Geez am I ever frustrated! I agree with Alex's comment to not let one's logo stop one from actually starting up, but in my case it has done just that. I have spent about a year trying to come up with a logo using fonts and vectors I've found on several stock image providers and am always - always - derailed by the copyright situation. One simply cannot create a logo unless one finds an artist who can do a custom job. I have been in contact with Creative Market, iStock, Shutterstock and Adobe Fotolia. The answer is always the same: I can use the images for everything but a LOGO or branding! So, now what? Assuming I find an artist I can afford are they going to do the typography too? Probably not, and I already know that fonts are copyrighted too. So where do I go from here? 6 years ago
  • @Victoria Larson : I suggest to watch John McWade's "Before and After, Logo design tips and trick" and William Lidwell's "The science of logo design", both on They provide useful insights on how to think a logo, rather than focus on how to make one. And when you know how to think, you can practice the "make" part. Sincerely, Maya 6 years ago
  • My belief is that a logo creates an IDENTITY. Your surname can identify you with your family. But your first name sets you apart from your other members. In the same way, your first name is your personal identity....Just like a logo. I have an online food business, I didn't have a logo. By seeing the competition in the market, going to get one via crowdsourcing platform named Designhill. I hope they will give me the best as per my requirement..... :) 6 years ago
  • @Maya Shirakawa : thank you for this tip; I will look, listen and learn! : ) 6 years ago