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14 Modern Logo Design Ideas To Make You Memorable

Creative Market December 10, 2021 · 7 min read

What distinguishes a brand or organization in today’s cluttered marketplace full of competing goods and services? The answer to the question is branding. It is one of the many aspects of marketing and the main face of a company. 

And did you know that a modern logo can do wonders for your brand’s image and help you stay current as a modern corporation? Not only that, a modern logo can help propel your business to greater heights. That is why many entrepreneurs know this: A successful business journey starts with a memorable logo. 

With the help of this article, you will learn how to create eye-catching modern logos that tell the world why they should work with you. Plus, we’ll show you our favorite modern logo designs from Creative Market!

Why Modern Logo Design Is a Trend

It’s interesting to note that, in addition to the numerous start-ups that have already jumped on board the creative logo design trends, many existing companies are also aiming to rethink their brand identity. This is by innovating their logos and shifting away from the complicated overbearing designs of the past.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the beginning of the decade, many companies had little option but to adapt or risk being left behind in the modern logo trend quickly. Then it’s no wonder why many businesses from different industries try to rebrand and redesign a modern logo design. 

Modern Logo Design Principles

A beginner designer like you should know the first principle of creating a modern logo. It should be simple and clean. Have you heard of the KISS approach? Keep it simple, sir. 

Since the rise of the digital revolution, simplicity in logo design has been rewarded with quicker comprehension and higher visual impact on customers, which has made minimalism and current graphic design almost synonymous. Regardless of the cause, today’s innovative and minimalist logos are clean and straightforward, making it easy to scale them up and down and to utilize them successfully in a range of scenarios.

Also, modern logo styles with positive-negative space has been growing in popularity in logo design over the years. With that, no doubt modern and creative logos will grow and become more popular in the near future. 

Modern Business Logo You Can Use

Now that we’ve covered the design principles of a modern logo and why they’re popular among brands and businesses, let’s get to the exciting part: modern logos. Then, of course, some tips and tricks on how to create the logo of your dreams. Read on! 

Modern Restaurant Logo Ideas for Different Cuisines

If you’re starting a new Italian restaurant or revamping a seafood diner, you can’t ignore the importance of a well-designed minimalist logo. We all agree that making a good first impression is incredibly essential when luring in hungry customers. With that being said, here are modern logos that can become a key ingredient in your recipe for success.

Below is the first example of a modern Italian restaurant logo. As you can see, the logo’s simplicity gives the customers an immediate sense of who you are: an elegant and classic pizzeria. 

Another modern take for an Italian restaurant logo is from the example below. The chef logo features a tiny and versatile emblem, which helps customers remember you. 

Not only do Italian restaurants benefit from the simplicity of icons and logos, but seafood restaurants can also use an elegant and minimalist logo design.

The anchor symbol can send a strong message about seafood delicacies and should be enough for your logo. Take a look at this unique logo below, which uses a lot of negative space and few design elements. 

Modern Real Estate Logo Ideas for Commercial and Industrial

Sloping roofs and square windows fill the universe of real estate logos, either hung in the air or stacked on top of one another in a visually perplexing arrangement. You, however, can get away from them. You wouldn’t want a dull, highly generic brand symbol for your real estate logo; set yourself apart by being unique!

Here are some examples we have on our website that will help you close a deal. 

While most real estate companies do the same thing — rooftops and windows — search for something unique. Why not consider your real estate firms’ target market or edge? How about skylines, keys, or iconic architecture. In the example above, the key icons which symbolize owning a property, also make a unique and modern real estate logo. 

On the other hand, you can make good use of abstract elements in your real estate logo. Instead of a conspicuous building icon, you can sell a set of new industrial spaces with the simplicity and precision of the example design below. 

Designers also follow the trend of delivering a statement with only a few lines drawn, which in the case below, clearly conveys the appearance of buildings. And if you notice the bird symbol that covers the entire logo, you’ll see that the real estate logo gives the business its own identity. 

Modern Auto Repair Logo Ideas That Will Lure More Customers

How do you show your clients and potential customers that you provide the best auto repair service in your area? Well, the answer is obvious: The face of your company should be the welcome mat when they look you up online or survey the repair shops in town. 

Therefore, your auto repair company logo should stand out. 

Choosing a modern design logo for your repair shop shows that your services and products are up to date!

As you can see in the template logo above, the logo is savvy with the current generation or younger customers, who are always up for upgrade or customize services. 

Here’s another trick to make your auto repair shop stand out: use a metallic emblem or font. If you go this route, you can create a feeling of luxury and legibility to your brand and services. 

Modern Bakery Logo Ideas for Sweet and Tasty Treats

When it comes to logos for bakeries, the most common error designers or entrepreneurs make is to think small. Yes, most bakery businesses start small, but what if your bakery grows bigger? That is why your bakery logo should be modern and reflect what your bakery will be several years from now. 

If you have a specific niche, like macarons in the example below, you can use that to create a slogan for your bakery business and become more memorable to your patrons. 

Logos for modern bakeries are all about simple design and a suitable typeface. This is a popular choice since there are more white spaces and strategic use of colors.

For example, you can use gold or metallic to convey a message that your products are top-quality and always fresh from the oven! 

Modern Travel Company Logo for Land, Water and Air Transportation

The lockdown and quarantine had taken an enormous toll on most travel agencies across the globe when the pandemic broke out. This urged ticket booking agencies and tour guide services the need to rebrand or design a modern travel agency logo to attract nomads and leisure travelers. 

Your logo should now reflect on your business’s full-service and high-end travel solutions. Take this first example of which air travel agencies can use to stand out. The use of geometric shapes is just clever! 

If your travel agency is not about air transport, don’t worry. There are plenty more fish in the modern logo design sea in the set of templates below. What’s great about the graphic and vector logo templates below is that there are illustrations for every travel agency whether they focus on air, water, or land transportation.  

Find More Modern Logo Ideas in Creative Market

So, are you ready to create logos that will impress the market? You may get started by searching for contemporary logo designs, templates and graphics online.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, Creative Market is here for you.

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