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31 Best Fonts for Logos and Branding Design Tips

Creative Market April 24, 2023 · 13 min read

Typography is everything in a logo design. It supports your brand identity and provides a voice to the message of your logo so people will feel the right emotions toward your brand whenever they see your logo.

Effective typography will not only enhance your logo’s readability and overall appeal but will also ultimately be the deciding factor for how well-designed your logo is. As a graphic design essential, typography plays a vital role in creating an unforgettable brand logo.

Choosing a font for your logo involves a lot of considerations and dependencies, which is why it is no easy task. Throughout this article, we’ll provide tips and examples on how you can craft the perfect logo set in the right font. Read on to learn more about the types of fonts available for logo design.

Understanding Font Styles and Categories

Before we dive into specific examples and tips, let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the various font styles and categories. This knowledge will help you make more informed decisions when choosing the best fonts for logos.

Fonts can generally be classified into the following categories:

  • Serif Fonts – These fonts are characterized by a serif or a small line added to the end of each stroke in a letter or character. Popular serif typefaces include Times New Roman, Garamond, Georgia and Didot. They have a classic, traditional look that demands authority and respect, so if your brand is more on the formal or professional side, then it might be a good idea to limit your font choice to serif logo fonts. Here is an example of a sophisticated font with very noticeable serifs.
  • Sans Serif Fonts – The lack of serifs, on the other hand, is what distinguishes a sans serif font. Common examples of this type of font are Helvetica, Proxima Nova, Futura and Calibri. Sans serif typefaces are modern fonts that channel novelty and a clean, minimalist look. They are usually monoweight, which means they don’t switch between thick and thin strokes, and have the same thickness in all letterforms. Choose from sans serif logo fonts if you want a neat, modern logo design, like the example below.
  • Script Fonts – These are calligraphic, handwritten fonts that communicate warmth, elegance, and creativity. Popular examples are Pacifico, Lobster and Alex Brush. They tend to have more personality and flair than other font types, but some script typefaces are not reader-friendly so be careful not to sacrifice readability for the sake of being stylish or creative. Here is a good example of a script font that is easy on the eyes.
  • Display Fonts – Last but not least, display typefaces are dedicated to titles and headings and often come in bold fonts with bigger sizes to draw attention. These are decorative fonts so they are meant to be used only for a small amount of text. They are not commonly used in logos, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot make a great logo design with these. Here is an example of a display typeface that can be utilized for a logo.

Making a Statement with Fonts: Italic, Bold, and Beyond

Within each category, you’ll find various styles, such as italic, cursive, and all-caps. These styles can further define the look and feel of your logo design. For example, an italic typeface can lend a sense of movement or elegance, while all-caps can project authority and confidence. Uppercase can feel formal and imposing, while lowercase can feel friendly and casual. Understanding these nuances will help you choose the perfect font for your logo.

Using different font styles, such as italic or bold, can add emphasis and character to your logo design. For example, a fashion brand might choose a stylish italic typeface like Vogue, Didot, or Bodoni to convey a sense of sophistication and luxury.

Bold fonts, on the other hand, create a strong visual impact and can help your logo stand out. Bold display fonts are particularly useful for signage and social media, where you need to grab the viewer’s attention quickly. A bold typeface like Univers, designed by Adrian Frutiger, is an excellent choice for a tech company or a modern logo font.

Choosing a Font for Your Logo: Decision Criteria

Now that you know your options, you can choose a fitting font for your logo. Here are some things you need to take note of when deciding on a font style or font family.

  1. Choose a font that matches your brand identity. The font that deserves to carry your name in your logo is one that is as unique as your brand identity. Make sure to choose a font that is consistent with your overall branding, reflects your brand personality, and will make your logo distinguishable and memorable.
  2. Stick to a single font. You should only use two fonts (tops) when you are also communicating two ideas in your logo. Otherwise, using only one font is the best practice as it gives your logo design a complete and cohesive look, and promotes the impression that you are an established brand.
  3. Maximize space. Applying kerning, or spacing between individual letters, is a great way to improve legibility and add visual interest. Using only lowercase letters also creates more space and can be aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Consider where your logo will be published. If your logo will be part of various print materials, choose a font that will remain highly readable and legible whether your logo is scaled up or down. In contrast, if your logo will mostly be used online, pick a font that is made for small logo sizes and optimized for web so your logo will look equally stunning on a large monitor display as well as on a small phone screen.
  5. Check how your logo looks in different color spaces. Try placing your logo against different backdrops to see if the logo font retains its quality and readability. Make sure to choose a versatile font that will not lose its charm whether your logo is on a gradient background or a solid color background.

Exploring Typography in Different Settings: Web Design, Signage, and Social Media

As you choose the perfect font for your logo, it’s essential to consider the various settings in which your logo will appear. Whether you’re designing for web, print, or social media, each medium has unique requirements that can impact your choice of font.

Web Design

In the digital world, legibility and versatility are crucial. A good web font should be easily readable on screens of all sizes and resolutions. Open Sans, a popular sans serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson, is an excellent example of a versatile web font that remains clear and legible on various devices.

When choosing a font for your website, also consider pairing it with a complementary typeface for headings, subheadings, and body text. Font pairing can help create visual hierarchy and enhance the overall design of your website, while reinforcing your brand’s personality. For example, pairing the geometric sans serif font Avenir with a classic serif font like Garamond can create a balanced and visually appealing design.


When designing for signage, it’s essential to consider legibility from a distance and in different lighting conditions. Bold, uppercase typefaces with generous spacing between characters are typically ideal for this purpose. The typeface Univers is an excellent choice for signage, thanks to its clarity and wide range of different weights, making it adaptable to various contexts.

Social Media

In the fast-paced world of social media, your logo needs to stand out and be easily recognizable. Geometric shapes and distinctive typefaces can help your logo make an impact on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For instance, a geometric sans serif font like Futura can create a modern, minimalist logo that is instantly recognizable on social media feeds.

Popular Logo Fonts and Their Applications

Now that we’ve explored various font styles and settings, let’s examine some popular logo fonts and their potential applications in brand design:

Sans Serif Logo Fonts

Sans serif logo fonts, which lack the small decorative lines or “serifs” at the end of letter strokes, have become increasingly popular in modern logo design. These fonts often exude a clean, minimalist, and contemporary feel. The gothic style, a subcategory of sans serif fonts, features simple and bold letterforms that create a strong visual impact. Designers can leverage these sans serif logo fonts to craft a visually striking and memorable brand identity.

  1. Avenir: A versatile geometric sans serif font, Avenir is ideal for modern logo designs and minimalist logos. Its clean lines and even weight distribution make it an excellent choice for both print and web design.
  2. Bodoni: A classic serif font, Bodoni is often used by fashion brands and luxury goods companies for its elegance and timeless appeal. Its high contrast and distinct letterforms make it an eye-catching choice for retro brand logos and taglines.
  3. Open Sans: A popular web font, Open Sans is known for its legibility and versatility. Its clean, simple glyphs makes it an excellent choice for both digital and print applications, and it pairs well with a variety of other typefaces.
  4. Univers: A modern, versatile font designed by Adrian Frutiger, Univers is well-suited for signage and bold logo designs. Its extensive range of weights and styles makes it a flexible choice for a variety of branding needs.
  5. Script Logo Fonts: Script fonts, such as calligraphy and brush scripts, can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your logo design. These fonts are often used for boutique businesses, wedding services, and other luxury brands. Remember to use ligatures, alternates, and other typographic features to enhance the overall appearance of your script logo.

Free Fonts and Templates for Logo Design

When you’re just starting out in logo design or working with a limited budget, free fonts and templates can be a lifesaver. Many online resources offer free fonts and design templates to help you create professional-looking logos without breaking the bank. Some popular free font websites include Google Fonts, Font Squirrel, and DaFont. Keep in mind that the quality of free fonts can vary, so it’s essential to choose carefully and test your chosen font thoroughly for legibility and compatibility across different platforms.

Choosing the Perfect Font for Your Brand Logo

Ultimately, the perfect font for your brand logo will depend on your unique brand identity and the message you want to convey. Your brand’s font should also be flexible enough to accomodate different mediums, remain optically balanced at a wide range of sizes, and stand the test of time. These are the core strengths behind designer favorites like Helvetica and Proxima Nova. Consider the various font styles and categories, as well as the specific needs of your target audience and the platforms where your logo will appear. By keeping these factors in mind, you can select the best logo font to represent your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Great Fonts for Logos

Now that we’ve covered the basics of type selection for logo design, let’s look at some of the best options available on Creative Market. Your search for the best fonts for logos is over! Here are different fonts that you can use in your design:

Check out some of the most popular logo fonts here on Creative Market:

Now this typeface by Connary Fagen is a perfect example of a logo font that has great readability in both big and small font sizes.

From Mostardesign Type Foundry, this classic sans serif typeface with rounded letterforms can be used for most brand logos.

Now this totally looks like something you can find being used in famous logos. The Qualy Logo Font has advanced typographic features and is perfect for a minimalist logo design.

Modern Fonts for Logos

Using a modern font will give your logo a fresh look and keep you from having outdated branding. Here are some modern logo fonts to look into:

This modern typeface has great readability even with very little character spacing.

A geometric sans serif, this futuristic font from Ellen Luff will fit modern brands perfectly.

This contemporary typeface has unique glyphs that can create typographic ligatures.

Simple Fonts for Logos

You can never go wrong with a simple font; you can make a statement without complicating your design.

Elegant Fonts for Logos

Here are some elegant fonts that can elevate your logo design:

Best Fonts to Use for Logos

If you’re looking to create a more stylized logo, then you might be caught between choosing a script font or a sans serif font. Maybe this compilation of the best script and sans serif fonts can help you decide.

Best Sans Serif Fonts for Logos

Best Script Fonts for Logos

Getting tons of inspiration is part of the process of choosing the best font for your business logo. Here are some examples to help you out.

Here is a professional-looking display font that is ideal for a company logo.

Another typeface from Connary Fagen, this font has a clean, smooth look.

If you want a professional yet creative font for your company logo, then this is what you’re looking for.

This font bundle by the Hustle Supply Co. can help you achieve a vintage aesthetic for your resto-bar logo.

On the other hand, this textured typeface from NEWFLIX.Bro is perfect for an organic restaurant.

This font with a chill vibe would look great for a coffee shop logo.

Here is a simple yet stylish logo font that is perfect for clothing brands:

Deviating from its traditional roots, this quirky serif font has its own unique style that is emphasized even more by the use of prominent descenders.

Meanwhile, this modern sans serif typeface is the perfect font for sophisticated fashion brands.


Typography is an essential aspect of logo design and can significantly impact your brand’s overall identity. By understanding the different font styles, categories, and their applications, you can make informed decisions when selecting the perfect font for your logo. Remember to consider the various settings in which your logo will appear, such as web design, signage, and social media, to ensure maximum legibility and versatility.

Exploring popular logo fonts and leveraging free resources can help you make the perfect choice, creating a professional and memorable logo that resonates with your target audience.

As a graphic designer or business owner, your ultimate goal is to create a logo that captures your brand’s essence while also being visually appealing and easily recognizable. By carefully selecting the right font, you can achieve this goal and create a strong foundation for your brand’s visual identity.

Check out more typography and design tips here!

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