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Moodboard Series: Eco Friendly Packaging Design

Moodboard Series: Eco Friendly Packaging Design
Liam McKay June 29, 2021 · 3 min read

Sadly, single-use plastics and other damaging materials are still heavily featured in packaging production to this day. The harmful environmental impact caused by this leads many companies to consider more eco-friendly alternatives when it comes time to designing their packaging or containers.

Customers, too, are more conscious and aware of the materials used in products and their packaging. While it’s safe to say that mass-producing any kind of packaging will still have an environmental impact of some sort, those of us that are seeking out eco-friendly companies are actively encouraging the use of more sustainable, recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable packaging and materials all over.

Box Mockup Vol.3 by GraphicWave

Paper Abstract 1 | Patterns + Shapes by Studio Fevrier

Drawstring / Burlap Jute Bag Mock-up by Mocca2Go

We are going to explore some beautiful eco-friendly packaging designs and mockups, as well as other useful related design resources to help inspire you to create, support, and encourage eco-friendly, zero-waste, or sustainable packaging.

Recyclable Packaging

Recyclable materials vary quite a lot as some materials are easier to recycle than others. Typically we think of materials such as cardboard, paper, or wood, but metals are also very recyclable, and many plastics can still be recycled. Here are some useful design assets that feature common recyclable packing materials.

Reusable Packaging

One important part of the zero-waste movement is items that can be re-used. The goal is to reduce the chance of materials ending up in landfills, so products or packaging that can be re-used or even re-purposed as something else earn their eco-friendly status pretty easily.

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

One area where single-use packaging is used quite a lot is in the food industry. Plastic is used a lot to help keep food items fresh that might have to travel a long way before reaching your dinner table, but seeking out local, fresher food that comes packaged in eco-friendly containers will help to reduce your reliance on single-use materials that could be harmful to the environment.

Eco-Inspired Design Resources

Moving on to the actual package design itself, eco-friendly packaging often suits a more natural and hand-made aesthetic. Patterns inspired by nature itself, soft natural textures, and rough, handwritten fonts make for great resources when it comes to creating eco-friendly package designs. Here’s a collection of eco, and nature-inspired design resources that could be used in eco package design or to inform eco-friendly practices.

Collection of Eco-Friendly Inspired Packaging Design Resources

While putting together this post, I managed to collect a huge number of eco-friendly design and packaging related resources from around the marketplace here on Creative Market. If you’re looking to explore all of the resources we’ve featured above and discover more along this same theme, feel free to explore my Eco-Friendly Packaging Collection, which currently has over 170 hand-picked items. We have a number of similar posts in this Moodboard Series if you are looking for more inspiration style posts.

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