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Most Inspiring Print Magazines for Designers in 2016

Creative Market April 10, 2024 · 3 min read

The Creative Market Awards, voted on by designers and creatives, recognize the best creative products, tools and experiences that inspire the global design community. At the inaugural awards in December 2015, Photoshop Creative was chosen as the winner in the Inspiring Print Magazine for Designers category while UPPERCASE and Computer Arts were selected as worthy runners-up.

1. Photoshop Creative

With comprehensive guides for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Creative, from Imagine Publishing, is the go-to resource for designers who want to add punch to their digital campaigns, websites and graphics.

The publication, which launched in 2005, has evolved into a global brand with DVDs, e-books, apps and “bookazines” for professionals who crave the hottest Photoshop tips. Issue 97, with features on how to add impact to photos and play with layer styles, is the best-selling edition on Imagine Publishing’s website.


“I’m thrilled that Photoshop Creative has been voted Most Inspiring Print Magazine for Designers, and would like to thank everyone in the Creative Market community who voted for us,” said a Photoshop Creative representative. “Photoshop Creative has recently become even bigger and better, so I hope it continues to inspire designers.”


UPPERCASE is a quarterly independent magazine founded in 2009 by designer and publisher Janine Vangool. Her objective: To spark the imagination of creatives. The publication experiments with print processes and paper stock, making this physical magazine something to collect and keep in a disposable digital world.

Like the other creative magazines on the list, UPPERCASE captures the zeitgeist in every issue, with a focus on the hottest design trends in the creative sphere. Issue 19, which examines brand marketing, was sent via mail to more than 3,000 subscribers.

“Thanks to my talented and loyal subscribers who support us through their subscriptions, participation and kind words,” said Vangool. “I couldn’t do it without you!”

3. Computer Arts

With its bold, vibrant cover art, Computer Arts features profiles of industry movers and shakers, and opinions from the biggest names in design. Computer Arts provides insight from today’s visionaries and tomorrow’s design community icons.


This monthly design Bible has been inspiring creatives for nearly two decades. The September 2012 issue is the most popular digital edition on iTunes and includes articles on how to create better branding across print and digital channels.

Other inspiring print magazines for designers

We were also honored to have the following sites as our nominees:

Print magazines are alive and well

The three design magazines in the Most Inspiring Print Magazine for Designers category were chosen because they stimulated, energized and inspired design enthusiasts in 2015. Despite the influx of digital media in the creative arts, it’s clear that print magazines still hold an important place in the hands, and hearts, of today’s designers.

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