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Introducing New Product Reviews: Give & Receive Detailed Feedback

Lesley Yarbrough April 18, 2024 · 4 min read

Take a closer look at the history of your favorite product and you’ll notice the many rounds of iteration and listening that brought it here. Without a doubt, feedback is at the heart of great design. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new way to submit and receive better reviews on Creative Market. Starting today, buyers will be able to deliver detailed product feedback on a new set of category-specific criteria. In turn, shop owners will receive a specific, well-defined assessment that allows them to refine products continuously.

How to submit detailed feedback as a buyer

After purchasing a font, graphic, theme, template, photo, or 3D model, you’ll now see a new overall star rating, as well as a more precise set of features to evaluate. The overall star rating goes from 1-5, where 5 indicates higher satisfaction with the product. In a highly requested feature, you also get a chance to explain why you’ve chosen that overall star rating. Beyond a yes or no recommendation, our new detailed feedback options allow you to select what worked well from a list of specialized traits like “proper kerning†for fonts, or “clean code†for themes.

These options will be available to you through a post-purchase modal, confirmation email, your purchases page, and the product page itself. You can also edit any reviews you’ve already left. Give them a try!

How to read feedback as a shop owner

You’re talented, driven, and passionate about growing your shop. This new feature is here to support that goal. We wanted to give you access to the kind of actionable feedback you can grow with.
Here’s how you can start using this detailed feedback to elevate your products:

Monitor Incoming Reviews

There’s a new “Reviews†tab in your shop notifications page. Use it to keep track of your incoming reviews.

Get Notified

If you’ve subscribed to email notifications for buyer reviews, you’ll receive a message as soon as they leave their feedback. If you opted out, just switch on this option in your settings page:

Reach Out

Reviews are totally public. You’ll know who shared it and can reach out directly to resolve an issue. You can also respond to these reviews publicly, providing a new opportunity to share your take on specific product problems.

Read Open Feedback

Aside from star ratings in category-specific options (e.g. “well-kerned†for Fonts or “easy to modify†for Templates), you’ll also be able to see the reason users have chosen that score (if they’ve added it).

We’ve also created a shop-specific FAQ section, where you’ll find answers to more questions about this update.

Better feedback, better products

Continuous improvement is how products go from good to great, and beyond. For years, we’ve been hearing shop owners ask for more detailed feedback in order to fine tune their products. Creative Market buyers are also eager to share their excitement about the product’s strengths, as well as their desire to see improvements – whenever there are opportunities to do so.
If you have any questions about these new feedback options, please let us know in the comments section below.

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