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16 PowerPoint Templates That Look Great in 2018

Creative Market April 1, 2024 · 4 min read

Professional PowerPoint templates and themes are a great way to look your best and impress your audience the next time you give a presentation. The problem that inevitably arises though is that there’s an overwhelming number of outdated and downright ugly PowerPoint templates out there. So how do you find modern templates that don’t look like they were created by an accountant on a Compaq Presario in the 1990s? Look no further, we’ve got a selection of 16 PowerPoint templates that fit with current design trends. If you’re looking for great Keynote templates, we rounded up our favorite ones here.

1) Maya Presentation Template

The Maya Business Template is a great tool that dazzles audiences with its clean and elegant design. It’s easy to change colors and modify shapes, texts and charts.

2) MEGA EMPIRE Powerpoint Bundle

This great presentation bundle comes with 10 gorgeous templates, which comes out to $2 per template. There are literally hundreds of slides to pull from, so no matter what type pf presentation you’re making, this should get the job done.

3) SlidePro Powerpoint Presentation

This template is the perfect way to present a data-heavy talk in a way that is colorful and interesting. There are lots of charts, icons, and color options to choose from.

4) Booker – Business Presentation

If you’re looking to make a strong, professional impact, go with this Booker. It has a very clean, formal look that is perfect for your next big project.

5) Yves Elegant Presentation

Yves is a glamorous presentation that makes a bold statement. It includes over 30 unique slides and has a sleek, streamlined look.

6) Omni Creative Presentation

Omni is a great choice for creating stunning slides in a variety of color schemes and designs. There are over 50 slides, and the package is easy to edit.

7) Vertex

If you want a super-sleek and professional template, try Vertex. It offers easy-to-read slides that can pack in a lot of information in a very clean format.

8) Abstrax

Abstrax is a great template for displaying images and information with a sharp, modern look. It comes with over 45 slides and two different templates.

9) PowerNote

If you’re looking for a simple, minimalistic template for business presentations, PowerNote might be the perfect choice. It offers a simple, basic color palette and a straightforward way to display information.

10) Design Power

Design Power is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a sharp way to display graphics and statistics. It even comes with a special-effect page curl for PowerPoint 2013.

11) Lempira PowerPoint Presentation

This is a modern presentation handcrafted by designers that works great for agencies or graphic design artists. It’s easy to modify the slides to show off your work.

12) Cosita PowerPoint

Cosita is a clean and pretty template that also works great for agencies and graphic designers looking to showcase their work.

13) Universal Pitch Deck

This PowerPoint presentation is clean and beautiful and allows you to craft a sleek and informative presentation that results in a winning pitch.

14) Flaty PowerPoint Template

Flaty is a versatile template that you can use for pitches, portfolios or other types of presentations as it is highly adaptable and easy to edit. It’s also great for including photos, text and graphics.

15) Flat PowerPoint Presentation

If you’re looking for something very simple to display stats and business information, try this Flat template. You can vary the colors and easily customize the slides to create a dynamic and engaging presentation.

16) Stark

Stark is a professional, elegant template that is perfect for sales reporting, marketing presentations and other types of business events. It comes with a total of 480 slides, so you can make sure your presentation is varied and interesting.

Break a Leg

Want more inspiration? Stay on top of the latest presentation trends with this report and check out our favorite tips to create really ridiculously good-looking presentations here. With these attractive PowerPoint templates, you can rest assured that your presentation is going to look great. Now it’s time to write that speech…

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