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Professional Designer Stickers

Kevin Whipps April 16, 2024 · 7 min read

I know a thing or two about stickers. As the owner of my own sticker shop, I love creating new and exciting things that people can slap on their favorite object. So when I first heard about Creative Market’s new Professional Designer Stickers, I was intrigued. What was this skunkworks-level project that the team was working on? And then once I saw it, I was impressed.
So what’s the story behind these bad boys? Think back to when you were a kid. Remember getting a sticker when you did a good job? Wouldn’t it be cool if you got stickers today for the same thing? Of course. And that’s the gist here. If you’re an in-agency designer – or just a designer that works with clients a ton – and you’ve checked something big off your list, these stickers are your reward for a job well done.

Professional Designer Stickers
Nobody said designer life was easy.
Download your sticker set

Print and cut this fun set of stickers that mark accomplishments only a professional designer would celebrate.

Get them here

But I’m not just going to introduce these new stickers – ones that you can download yourself – in just one swoop. No, I’m going to draw this out a bit. Follow along and you’ll see where I’m going.

Finished Massive Brief

Requirements suck. Once a massive project is done, you need some kind of reward, right? Absolutely. That’s the point of this sticker, complete with checkered flags to signify the finish line. Yes, this is a reward that you’ve earned. Enjoy.

Got through meeting where no one said Wow Factor

Buzzwords are the worst. There’s this one designer I know that insists on using the phrase, “Knowledge transfer.” Every time he says it, a little piece of me dies inside. Same goes for “Do you have the bandwidth to … ” “sync up,” and, of course, “Wow factor.” It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me. No, it’s worse. It’s more like that sound that my kids make when they drag their teeth across their forks. Oh man, I’m cringing just thinking about it.

Sold concept to most indecisive client on earth

True story: Remember when the iPod was a thing? I do. And I wanted an iPod Photo when they first came out, and I waffled over that decision for months. No exaggeration, I debated that purchase for a long time, until my then-girlfriend/now-wife said to me, “If you want it, just buy it.” And that’s when I pulled the trigger and bought my first Apple product. It also says a lot about my current spending habits, but I digress. Point is, I’ve been known to be indecisive, and it’s horrible. But it’s worse when it’s a client and you need them to make a decision. It makes me quite stabby to be on that side of the coin, so if I make it through the process, I deserve something. Like a sticker, for example.

Stuck printouts on the wall

I once worked at a magazine where, to complete the pagination, they would print out super tiny versions of every page, cut them out with scissors, then put them in this custom whiteboard with pockets that they built. It sucked. You couldn’t see the images well enough to figure out how things should flow, and so I suggested printing things out full-size, then sticking them to the wall. The boss didn’t like that (he was stingy with printer ink), but everyone else did, so we gave it a shot and it soon became the standard way to get the book laid out. Where was this sticker when I needed it?

Made Cannes level work with high school band budget

There was one consistent theme that I ran into during my time in the magazine industry: money is tight. Heck, in some cases, there was no money. So the job was always about trying to make something out of nothing, which is both fun and strenuous. After all, the first time it’s a fun challenge. The 20th time, it’s when I start polishing up my resume. So if you’re one of the designers that were able to turn cents into dollars, then you, my friend, deserve a sticker. This one.

Read client’s mind

What I wouldn’t give to be psychic. I’d love to be able to see into some people’s heads, then take that information and use it to my advantage. Not only would it help me with just regular ol’ day-to-day stuff, but it’ll be awesome for client work. And with that in mind (see what I did there?) this is the perfect sticker to have on hand.

Survived 6,939 changes

I started this new practice recently with my client files. I name them per usual, then add the date and a version number. So say that Blue Company was one of my clients. Then a sticker project would be named “blue company – stickers – 2017-08-26 – v1” and I’d file it away. Were they to come back with edits, I’d change the date and up the version number until I got to what’s current. I have some clients that are three months and 18 versions deep – no lie. And that becomes frustrating and maddening, particularly when the bottom line is in flux. For those moments, I want one of these stickers so I can slap it on that client’s file folder. That way, I’d always have a fun reminder.

Wrote email using simple words

Sometimes you might have to avoid using terms like “vector,” “raster,” and any complex words because certain clients may not understand them. Using simple words is the best way to go – just make sure you don’t show them this sticker after you send that email.

Talked client out of a bonkers idea

I’ve had some crazy ideas before, but sometimes it’s the client’s turn to go nuts. They come up with some bat-crap idea, and in the process, they get super excited. And when that happens, there’s no turning back, you’ve got to do it – even if it means compromising your point of view in the process. What do you do? Well, you’ve got to at least try to talk them off that ledge, so you give it the ol’ college try. Those moments when you succeed? You OWN this sticker.

Made peace with a frantic client

The panic is real, folks. Some clients like to freak out over simple mistakes, others go nuts because there’s a legit major issue to be handled. Those are tough situations to manage, because they’re not thinking rationally. Not only that, but you’ve got to move quickly on your feet, otherwise you could be out the client and their payment, plus possibly whatever you’ve got in materials. It can get ugly fast. If you’ve got those ninja-like reflexes and you’re able to calm down that client, then you now should have this sticker ready to go.

Get these stickers today!

Look, stickers are fun, I get it. And if you want a set of these for yourself, no biggie: just download them here. Then print them out on some shipping label stock, cut them out on your own, and pass them out to friends. It’s the best time you can have with adhesive paper and scissors, I guarantee.

Professional Designer Stickers
Nobody said designer life was easy.
Download your sticker set

Print and cut this fun set of stickers that mark accomplishments only a professional designer would celebrate.

Get them here
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