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Quiz: Mac, Linux, or Windows?

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 2 min read

Mac, Linux or Windows?

Think you know which operating system suits your personality the best? Take this quiz and find out!


You’re a traditionalist. You remember your first operating system with fondness, and never really had a taste for change.  Trends may come and go, but you stay loyal to the classics. Fancy schmancy’s never been your jam, but don’t worry, we’re sure the new version of Word Perfect will launch any day now…

Mac OS

You’re a minimalist. Not that you don’t love a little flash and flourish now and then, but you mainly prefer the simple and sleek. You may not be the most tech savvy, but you definitely know enough to get by. So what if people say you’re just following the trend? Isn’t that what personalization is for?


You’re a pro. Never a fan of the trendy and popular, you prefer to pave your own path. You’re a natural problem solver and rarely idle. Instead of spending your time watching cat videos, you opt for researching the latest tech developments in order to up your game. 

You find yourself most productive when you work:

From home. No one needs to know my business

At the office. I never can get enough paperclips

At the neighborhood coffeehouse. There’s a vibe

Which of the following are you most likely to check first thing in the morning?

My favorite blog

The daily newspaper

My phone

If someone were to view your homescreen, they would most likely see:

TechCrunch homepage

My email inbox

Solitaire. A good old game of solitaire

The most visited bookmark in your browser is:


The Huffington Post

Something else

Which social site do you frequent most?



I have more important matters to attend to than your pasta carbonara. Thanks

When you’re not at your computer, you:

Must be dead. Why else would I be without my favorite appendage?

Read. An actual book. With pages and everything

Socialize with friends. That’s what phones are for, right?

When your computer crashes, you:



Figure out what the hell happened, and fix it

Your screensaver is:

A carefully selected photo/image

Default landscape

Screensaver? You mean that picture beneath my ten open windows?

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