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Quiz: Which Famous Designer is Your Mental Twin?

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 3 min read

Which famous designer is your mental twin?

There are a few genius designers who have changed the way we interact with art and design. The big question is – which one of them is the perfect match for your personal mentality?

David Carson

Always the cool one in a group, you’re the perfect twin to the typographic genius David Carson. You may not share his grunge style or his love of surfing, but we know you’re being driven by an inner rock’n’roll rebel. Perhaps it’s time to start pitching your work to magazines? Ironic and iconic ones – obviously.

Saul Bass

Never one to stay on the sidelines, you’re no stranger to dramatic scenes and theatrical ideas. This makes you the perfect match for Saul Bass –  king of movie title sequences and posters.

You may not always be the one lit up in the limelight, but you’re certainly not scared of putting together the sort of work that can bring the house down. We expect to see you on the red carpet very soon!

Paul Rand

Paul Rand is famous for his many corporate logos especially IBM and the exposure his brilliant design created for his clients. Just like him, you’re not averse to letting others bask in the glory of success. Especially if they have to appear in public to talk about it!

You’re more likely to get a thrill from knowing you’re the essential part of team and that you executed your plans perfectly!  

Sir Jonathan Ive

Smooth, sophisticated and very clear about your own style – you and Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jony Ive must have been separated at birth! Maybe you just love the beautiful functionality of Apple’s products? Or are you on a mission to stretch the limits of graphic design and art?

Whatever your call we know you’ll tackle your projects in a laidback, authoritative tone.

Jessica Walsh

There’s no chance of us not noticing that you’re in the room! This is why your design twin has to be the vibrant Jessica Walsh. Famous for her web design, typography, branding and art installations, we can tell you share Jessica’s bold and provocative style. You go at life and design full tilt. Fences were never made for sitting on. You’re much more likely to break down that barrier!

You’d prefer people to:

Know my name

Know my product

You get a lead for a new project. You’d prefer to:

Meet them face-to-face

Have a video call

Phone them

Email them

And when you research a new project you’re most likely to:

Go into every detail

Get the bare bones and surround yourself with your own ideas

Knock some ideas around with colleagues or friends

You can only communicate via Twitter, Instagram or Periscope for a week. You’d choose:




I’d rather not communicate at all for a week!

You get a big payment after completing a major project. You’d:

Celebrate your accomplishment in style

Plan something special to do with the money

Invest it for a future project

What annoys you most about people?





And which of these are you most likely to do yourself?





How do you sleep?

In fits and starts

Very soundly

I sometimes stay awake for hours

Er? I sort of lie back and close my eyes.

You would most like to be remembered for your designs and your sense of:




The ridiculous

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