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Research has Determined The Ugliest Color in the World

By on Jun 8, 2016 in Design Trends
Research has Determined The Ugliest Color in the World

See that color right below this paragraph? That, my friends, is Pantone 448 C (also known as Opaque Couché), and it has been determined — by research — to be the ugliest color in the world. So how'd this all come to be? Well as it turns out, research agency GfK was tasked by the Australian Government with finding a color that would make people want to quit smoking. Here it is in all its ugly glory:



This color, along with many others, was shown to more than 1,000 smokers to determine which hue turned them off the most. Once the honorable Pantone 448 C was decided upon, the info was passed on to the Australian government, where they will now include the color — along with standard safety warnings — on every package of cigarettes sold. And this idea is gaining some traction, with other countries across the world adopting similar methods.

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  1. xsonicchaos

    Hey, that's the color of my couché, which also happens to be opaque, obviously. Are you calling my couché ugly?

  2. maggieharless

    I love this color! My neighbor has a Ford Mustang this color (it's SHARP) and my new favorite shirt is this color which I get compliments on all the time! Pair it with coral, blush or burgundy and you've got a new wedding color trend ;)

  3. snichole

    A shirt this color with a coral scarf may be nice, but can you imagine your lungs looking this color? "ICK" is right. I think this is a hilarious research project, and I hope it works!

  4. oxyjen

    This looks a lot like the color at the top of this page. The Creative Market website might be helping people stop smoking.

  5. penneloppy

    LOL, I'm with @Jennifer too.. the first thing I noticed was that this color was at the top of the page! That just goes to show that any color can be beautiful when used in the right context.

  6. MixedMediaJewel

    This s kinda old news, the Australian government has been using this colour for a couple of years on cigarette packaging.

  7. cantoris.alto

    And supposedly chosen to mimic the phlegm coughed up by long-term smokers, rather than because of any inherent ugliness.

  8. Rhett

    I think that colour in context of smoking may be ugliest. I imagine it's the colour a smoker believes their lungs to be while smoking, so it's a psychological deterrent. No need to change your header colour CM ;)

  9. VintageOpus

    Hmm, when I clicked I expected it to be more of a yellowish brown. I think that color is calming like nature. I'm surprised.

  10. RetroSupply

    I think this all has to do with context. On a pack of cigarettes it might remind people of gross, smokey, damaged lungs. But as the color of a bag of fresh roasted coffee beans I would totally be feeling this.

  11. Samuel_James

    The name is not applicable to modern society. I propose we change the shade's name to "Kool-Aid Feces" after its startling resemblance to that special tinge your stool adopts when you got a gallon of sweet-drink in your tract.

  12. ClementineDigitals

    I used to have a corduroy jacket in this color in the 90s. I miss it so much. It's not ugly, it's like a deep olive, I think it would look great as a shirt :)

  13. tammyhughes

    And how much money did this research cost the taxpayers? Rhetorical question, we know the answer: too much.

  14. fractalartist001

    Did any one else notice (besides Juan) that this website has a lighter and less brown version of that color as an accent?

  15. kimberly.hitchens

    And let's not forget all our patriotic brethren serving in the military branches (at least, in the USA); that color is ubiquitous. It's a variant on the famous "OD Green," which colors EVERYTHING in the Army.

    Mmmm...hard to believe that Creative Market wants to blend and camouflage themselves! Anyone here taking bets on whether or not that header bar oh-so-slightly changes its color sometime soon??? A wee...facelift? :-)

  16. cre8ivepursuits

    ha ha...yes - we've had these cigarette packs for a while now - would love to know what the quitting rate is now since the intro of the new packs.


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