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14 CV and Resume Designs That Will Get You Hired

50 HR illustrations for UI By Visual Generation

Creative Market January 31, 2022 · 7 min read

You’ve just earned a college degree and now you need to find a job. Job hunting can be stressful, not to mention creating a one-page resume that’s supposed to summarize your skills, accomplishments, and what you have to offer.

While this illustrates the pressures of hunting for a job, we do have some good news for you — Creative Market has a wide variety of resume and CV design examples. Plus, we have prepared some tips for you to help you stand out from the rest! 

Whether you are a recent graduate or someone who needs a new working environment, we’ll help you rise to the top. Find out the best resume and cover letter examples here.

How Can a Good Resume Design Help Me Land My Dream Job?

One thing’s for sure: a good resume goes a long way. The one-page summary of your employment history, education, skills and more information aid your potential employers in getting to know you. Moreover, the more you pay attention to your resume and cover letter’s layout, the more you increase your chances of getting hired. 

While the content and structure of your resume are key factors, the design is equally essential. Your resume must look clean, straightforward and easy to read. Avoid gimmicks such as irrelevant graphics and icons; it’s not always proper to showcase your skills like this.

What does a good resume look like? Take a look at the resume examples above. What can you observe from the sample resume?

Best Resume Templates

Now, think of your CV as a tool for marketing yourself. It’s more than just a piece of paper — your professional resume has the potential to attract a recruiter, and change your life and career. 

If you’re going to turn in a dull and plain resume and cover letter, don’t. Just don’t. It’s like saying you’re not competitive enough and don’t care about your career. So, put effort into your resume and create the best CV to grab the employer’s attention from the start with these templates!

Professional Resume Templates

Unlike a sloppy resume, which is difficult to read and gets stacked in a pile of unread documents, professional resumes often get a second glance from any hiring manager. 

Therefore, if you apply for a job, make sure your resume design is consistent, concise and easy to read. Avoid inconsistent formatting, too many colors and cluttered graphics, which will make you lose your chance with your future employer. Here is a professional resume template that suits the description above.

The template above is well-organized and straightforward. But you can also opt for a resume layout with a splash of color. Check this one out!

Some professional resumes also include bullet points to state educational background and list down achievements, making the document easy to read. 

If you’re someone in the creative field, you might want to get imaginative with your resume’s design. You can also include your personal website, references, career blog and biography on the left side of your resume. Take this as an example of a creative professional resume. 

Creative Cover Letters

While enthusiasm and grammar are essential ingredients for an excellent cover letter, the design also adds flavor. If you believe that talking about the soft skills you possess and showing how you can contribute to the company’s growth can land you your dream job, great. But if you believe you can do both and catch the reader’s eye with your layout, then much better! 

Here are the best creative cover letter templates we have on our website with bold typography. 

Additionally, you can also choose the clean yet beautiful option for your cover letter. 

Bonus tip: When creating your cover letter, make sure the layout also matches your resume. The templates above come with a resume design to get you started with your essential details during your job application. 

Simple Resume Templates

Meanwhile, a simple resume template has a structured approach. It’s a no-fuss document and uses a basic style to make it easier for hiring managers from conservative industries to review your qualifications. This type of design should be uncomplicated and easy to update as you try out different jobs and gain more experience. 

Usually, simple CV templates have specific and detailed information with short sentences. It prioritizes basic contact information, work experience, skills and career summary. Moreover, a simple resume format doesn’t include the applicant’s picture, high school courses and references. Have a look at this example. 

However, you can still opt for a resume template with your picture. But remember, it is a must to provide enough white space, use bullet points, and keep the fonts and colors simple. 

Here’s another simple CV template that makes wise use of white space and is consistent in format.

Modern Resume Templates

If you’re applying for a new job in the creative industries, technology sector and the like, you should lean toward the sleek and sophisticated design of a modern CV template. Whether you want to show samples of your work, make a good impression on hiring managers at first glance, or use icons to make your resume appealing, we have modern resume templates for every need. 

Let’s start with a minimalist yet creative resume for a videographer, art director, graphic designer, etc. 

Another way to stand out from other applicants with a modern resume design is to use this elegant layout. The template below best suits job hunters with a lengthy work history and those who want to get their personal brand noticed. Don’t be afraid to fill up more than one page; an extra sheet might be necessary if you’re applying for an art director role. However, remember to include essential and concise information about you. 

While it’s best not to use too many colors and hard-to-read fonts on a resume, Creative Market’s resume templates may be designed to reflect your personality and give hiring managers a glimpse of your style without making you look unprofessional. You can work your style with the document’s headers and footer’s graphics, but don’t get overwhelmed and forget a clean modern CV design. 

Meanwhile, you can also opt for templates with floral-themed and colorful borders for your CV design. Even so, you must consider the industry you’re seeking a position in because this might come across as not very professional.

But if you’re keen on going for the creative and fun two-column layout resume, you can use this resume design from our website!

A Few Things From the Experts

It’s safe to say that using the best CV template speeds up the process of building an attractive and clean resume. In addition, it also ensures that your application will stand out from the rest and might increase your chances of securing a spot for an interview. 

As Agrees Marti Stites, owner of ArtLinks would recommend, “A well-designed, nicely laid-out resume in PDF format is always an asset.”

So, don’t stress yourself and create a clean resume from scratch; it’s more efficient to use one made by professional designers! 

Design Outstanding Resume and CV with Creative Market

Once you’ve chosen the type of CV template, you can customize it to meet your needs. What’s more, Creative Market offers more resume templates that you can download, save and edit anytime. Craft your winning resume and get employers to notice you! 

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