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Just in: Set Sharing Goals for Your Creative Market Shop

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 3 min read

Ever felt like you’d like to do more to market your shop? You’ve spent time and effort creating products, but haven’t set a focused strategy to promote them. Perhaps you’ve considered sharing them on social channels, but are not sure how often it would make sense to do that or what kind of impact it would have on your earnings. Running a shop is hard work, and social media marketing just doesn’t seem to make it to your to-do list. If this sounds like you, we’ve got exciting news: from now on, you’ll be able to set and track social media sharing goals for your Creative Market shop right in your shop dashboard! 

Sharing and earning are related

Our Shops Team is constantly exploring ways to support shop owners like you with the most useful data available. In the last few months, we’ve researched how different shop owner habits relate to increased earnings and sales. One of the habits that consistently came up as a success factor was social sharing. 
As soon as we discovered this, we started thinking about how we could make that habit easier for you to develop and track. The answer is our brand new Share Goals Tool, which allows you to set goals around how often you’d like to share your products on social media this month.
You’ll find this new tool at the bottom of your new Traffic tab on your dashboard starting today:

How to use the Share Goals Tool

Knowing that there’s a strong correlation between sharing more and seeing increased sales, check out the new tool and look into how often other shop owners are sharing their products on social media.
What makes for a good share goal?
Sometimes we’re just not sure how often products should be shared on social media. For this reason, we’ve also built some data into this tool that shows, for shop owners who are sharing their products, how many times a month they’re typically sharing. Use this as a benchmark for how often you might want to start sharing your products each month.
How can I work to meet my goal?
Use the “Share” tool on your product page(s) to share your products on Pinterest, Facebook, and/or Twitter. Each time you share using this tool, your new share will be counted towards your monthly share goal.
Make sure to set aside some time for social sharing in your calendar, since this will determine how effective you are at meeting and surpassing your goals.
How can I track my progress?
Check in on your goal at the start of every week. We’ll be keeping track of how you’re doing, letting you know if you’re ahead of schedule, on track, or falling behind on your goal. Knowing this can help you plan your promotion efforts accordingly. Work hard towards meeting a challenging share goal and watch your product views and sales soar!

Additionally, if you go a week or more without sharing and you haven’t met your goal yet, we’ll send you a friendly on-site reminder.

Let us know how it goes!

We’d love to hear your feedback. We’re excited to keep building on this tool, so let us know if there are things you absolutely want us to keep or something else you hope to see in the next iteration. Share your thoughts in this quick form, and stay tuned for more features.

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