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20 Cool Stencil Fonts for Your Next Design Project

By on Aug 18, 2020 in Inspiration
20 Cool Stencil Fonts for Your Next Design Project

There are several font types that dominate the design world these days, but one of the most constant is the stencil font family. Stencil fonts generally have a strong, classic, dignified vibe. They are excellent fonts to use when your design concept requires the attention of the audience. This font style was made popular by designers who used a stencil plate to create uniform letters and numbers. The digital versions of these stenciled letters are called stencil fonts. They vary by style and weight, which helps you – and other designers – easily find the best style to fit your design concept.

Much like with other font families, stencil fonts can be used on various platforms as long as they fit the bill. But stencil typefaces are particularly useful for warning signs, branding for neutral concepts, packaging, and anything related to the military or army. Stencil typefaces are also seen on different social media platforms and government websites. They are often used to drive a point or to emphasize a message. With the abundance of stencil fonts online, you simply have to choose the font that will best suit your design project and platform.

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Well-Curated Stencil Fonts

To give you the best choices of stencil fonts, we’ve curated the best works of different artists and calligraphers. The stencil fonts you’ll find below range from bold block-like to thinner, compressed letters. Some are versatile enough to suit all design concepts while others are meticulously created to serve a specific platform or design. Everything is high-quality and appealing to the eyes.

These fonts are available for instant purchase and download. This is great especially if you want to use a unique stencil font, but don’t have the time or the skills to create one yourself. Opting for a pre-made stencil font is a better choice anyway for several reasons:

  • You save time and money – When you calculate the time and money you’re going to spend creating your own stencil font, it’ll definitely be longer and more expensive than purchasing a pre-made set. As such, it’s unwise to disregard pre-made fonts. Besides, some of the font packs listed below are available on discounted prices.
  • You get the design you need – There are hundreds of stencil fonts in the market today. It’s highly unlikely that you won’t find a pre-made font that matches your design concept. In fact, what’s likely is for you to find a typeface you haven’t thought of, but seamlessly fit your project. Also, browsing different font families will give you an idea of what typeface you want to use for your project.
  • You have different choices – Stencil font packs generally include more than one version. Some even have up to ten mix-and-match versions. This means you can create as many variations as you want until you come up with the best-looking design for your project. Also, some font packs include special characters and are multilingual. The latter is great if your project is intended for the international market. You can do all these creative shuffling and rearranging for the price of one.
  • You can reuse the font for other projects – Once you’ve purchased the pre-made stencil font, you generally can use the font anytime you want. A keynote: to make sure you don’t stumble on any legal troubles, make sure to read the license affixed to the notes.
  • You stay on top of the game – These pre-made fonts are created with designers and artisans in mind. As such, you can guarantee that the typefaces are appealing to the eyes, high-quality and multipurpose. This means using any of these stencil fonts will help your design stand out from the crowd.

1. Meteora Font Family

Designed by Carlos Fabian Guerrero, Meteora is a contemporary stencil font with proportional and compact letters. The pack is best suited for magazine covers, posters and advertising design projects.

2. Roves Family

Created with designers and artisans in mind, Roves stencil font includes ten different versions (regular, bold, Sans) to work with. Given its vintage feel, it’s best suited for typographical projects.

3. Lostamp

Designed by Greb Gurainyk, Lostamp is the grunge stencil version of the designer’s Loftype font. Its slight slanted letters are great for personal blogs, logos and greeting cards.

 4. TerraStamp

With its unique combination of hand-stamped texture, geometric shapes and stencil techniques, TerraStamp is an eye-catching stencil font suited for various design purposes. The pack includes two versions: Regular (simple outlines) and Textured (detailed outlines).

 5. Vtg Stencil US No.51

–Part of the Vtg stencil font collection, the US No. 51 is founded from stencil plates the US Army used from the 1950s to 1960s. The font is perfect for packaging designs.

 6. Hogwild

Striking with its bold features, Hogwild is a stencil font that can easily catch the attention of many. It’s best suited for warning signs and logos.

7. Georgina

With simple, clean lines, Georgina stencil font can be used for practically all design projects. It also offers a hint of retro vibe.

8. Gora Stencil

A multilingual stencil font, Gora includes numerous features other than regular letters. It’s the perfect choice for logos, labels and headlines.

9. Cera Stencil Basic Black

Driven by pure geometry and simple lines, Cera Stencil is the perfect font for setting a clean and interesting design. It’s well-matched for headlines, logos and magazine covers.

10. Hastings

Inspired by the sea, Hastings is a hand-drawn Sans Serif stencil font. Apart from regular letters, the pack includes numbers and punctuations.

11. Lexico Stencil Family

Featuring a trendy, charming design, Lexico is a family of one-of-a-kind, pre-set stencil font. Its versatility makes it usable for any design projects.

12. Sergeant

Designed by James Lafuente, Sergent is a classic stencil font. It’s best suited for hand drawn logos and branding.

13. Blacktroops Stencil

Part of The Blacktroops Family, Blacktroops is a stencil font that includes a full set of uppercase, numbers, punctuation marks and special characters. It’s the perfect font for packaging, warning signs and headlines.

14. Secca Stencil

Ideal for editorial design, Secca Stencil provides a traditional look. It’s solid, serious and eye-catching.

15. Acherus Militant

The stencil version of Acherus Grotesque, Acherus Militant is sleek, understated and versatile. It’s an excellent font for virtually any project concept.

16. Raleigh

With its epic design, Raleigh stencil font is futuristic yet modern. It’s best for design projects that require big titles and small subtexts.

17. Old Glory Typeface

Inspired by blackletter and script, Old Glory is a dignified, classy stencil font. The pack includes web-fonts that are easily incorporated to any web-related project designs.

18. Maritime Champion Stencil

Created by Very Cool Studio, Maritime is a charming stencil font perfect for any design related to the bodies of water. It’s likewise suitable for logos, headlines and branding.

19. Surplus Pro

Best for any military-related or military-inspired designs, Surplus Pro is stencil font inspired by the traditional military stencil. The pack includes two versions: Regular and Rough.

20. Mind the Gap

A product of labor of love, Mind the Gap is a stencil font created by hand using cut letter stencils sprayed with black paint. The font displays an industrial, almost military, vibe best suited for packaging and branding designs.

Stencil fonts create an outline for a specific design. With the fonts presented above, designing has never been so easy.

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