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Take the Creative Market Sketch Week Challenge and Win Exciting Prizes!

Kelley Johnson March 31, 2021 · 2 min read

Here at Creative Market we’re big fans of sketching, and we have a sneaking suspicion that you may feel the same way. So, we’ve decided to dub this, “Sketch Week” here at Creative Market. We’ll be sharing sketch related posts all week long, and we’ll be getting the party started with a good old fashioned contest! Read on for all of the details.
We want to encourage you to try sketch-a-day challenge this week (Aug. 25th – Aug. 31st). It may only be a seven day challenge, but it’s one that we think will help everyone be more imaginative this week. To better motivate you to stick with sketching every day, we’re going to turn this sketch-a-day challenge into a contest.

How to Enter

After you’ve completed your daily sketch, share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest with the hashtag #SketchWeekChallenge to enter the contest. We want to see all of your sketches each day, so keep them coming! The contest will start today and end Sunday, Aug. 31st.
We’ll go through the entries, choose three of our favorite sketches, and announce the winners on September 3rd.

What’s the Prize?

There will be a total of three winners. Each winner will receive a copy of The Sketchnote Workbook by Mike Rohde. Additionally, the grand prize winner will also be awarded $100 in Creative Market Credits!
With such great prizes and a whole community full of inspiration, we hope you’ll be more than motivated to get your sketch on this week. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful entries!

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