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The Introvert's Guide to Opening an Online Store

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 4 min read
Opening an online shop is a huge endeavor for a designer/creative. The decision to start any business is largely dependent on creative output, which requires a great deal of bravery. Even the most extroverted person can get intimidated by the process. Fortunately, being an introvert can actually be a positive asset in the digital marketplace. Here are five tips to encourage you on your path to online success.

First Thing’s First: You Can Do This!

Being an introvert is not a problem, but a unique skill set. An introvert is a person who is introspective and self-aware. They focus on motives instead of actions and can have trouble in overly social situations. The most diligent individuals are self-interested in a way that respects the self-interest of others. A recent CNN article on introverts in business found that introverts spend more energy on reflection and thought rather than seeking out communication with other people. Without external influence, you’re better able to formulate a plan to suit your professional needs and ambitions.

Identify and List Your Strengths

introvertsGuide-skills Everyone has unique strengths. One great way to build confidence is to look into your own and write or type them down in somewhere you can see them every day. Some strengths that tend to be found more in introverts than extroverts to get you started: thoughtful, speaks with intention, comfortable working alone, independent, studious, self-reflexive, and ability to maintain focus in social situations. These are all strengths that will help in the online store. You’ll be the creator and the manager, so being able to be responsible, independent, and focused are essential.

Get Started: Create a Store and Upload Products

introvertsGuide-shop One of the biggest struggles that introverts face is putting themselves out there to the public. Opening an online store might be the biggest public display of your work that you’ve had, but don’t let that unnerve you. Focus on your strengths in every area of the site, from product descriptions to the products themselves. Only put your best product on the site. The bio is one place that introverts can have the most difficulty maintaining their strengths. Look over that list of strengths and make sure that they all make an appearance in your bio. Put yourself out there and make a good introduction. Don’t be afraid to make it sound personal. Just because you’re a professional doesn’t mean you can’t start out with a simple “Hello, my name is… and I love to…” Let your passion and your true personality come through in your bio.

Set Yourself Up for Success: Market Your Product

introvertsGuide-promote Once your shop is set up to your liking, it’s time to share your products with the world. Start your marketing in the social media world (Facebook shares, Tweets, Tumblr posts, Pins, etc.) and support it in real life through business cards, fliers and even partnerships with like-minded creatives. Social media is a great place for introverts to do a bulk of their promotion, but you still need to prepare for face-to-face business interactions. You want your products to have as much visibility as possible, but don’t over-saturate social media networks. Keep advertisements targeted and consistent without flooding your fans’ walls or inboxes with dozens of alerts every week.

Build a Community: Start Conversations

introvertsGuide-community This is another aspect of ecommerce where introverts shine. Thoughtful by nature, introverts often have a greater capacity to empathize and imagine life from others’ perspectives, which they can better write, and respond to, an audience. Present content about your products in an engaging and enthusiastic way to encourage excitement and sales. Be available to address your customers’ concerns when they are brought to you; answer questions not just about your product, but about anything related to your field. When people trust your opinions, they trust your product. Monitor the feedback you receive and put care into your replies. Online communication allows introverts to excel by giving them time to reflect and address concerns clearly and succinctly.

Are You Ready?

Do you feel ready to present your ideas to the online marketplace? If the answer is still no, that’s okay. Nothing builds confidence like time and reflection. Keep working on your store and your art. Keep looking at your list of strengths and discover new ones every day. There is power in silence and thoughtfulness. Use your introverted nature to your advantage.

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