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10 Amazing YouTube Channels to Boost Your Graphic Design Skills

WP TiE April 16, 2024 · 10 min read

YouTube is a fantastic resource for designers. There are so many creators showcasing illustrator tutorials, graphic design tutorials – there are even YouTube channel designers.

If you were a Simple Designers fan and miss their content, you’ll find a replacement on this list. Likewise, if you were an avid CreativeStation fan before it went fully game-related, we’ve got alternatives for you.

There are so many designers willing to share their skills, from Adobe Illustrator experts to talented product designers. Undoubtedly, YouTube is the best platform for showcasing design. You can watch step-by-step tutorials on logo design, or a video on creating a perfect shop sign.

From experienced freelance designers to complete beginners, there’s a YouTube channel out there for you. Discover ways to take your creative business to the next level or how to move along your path to becoming a professional designer.

Whatever your goals, there are design tutorials out there for you.

Take a look at these top ten video tutorials and YouTube channels recommended by the Creative Market team.

They offer practical advice on Photoshop skills, web design, and developing your personal brand. And don’t forget, you can find awesome YouTube thumbnails, banners, and more inspiration for your own channel on our website.

10 Amazing YouTube Channels to Boost Your Graphic Design Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe has come a long way since its inception as a printing solutions company in 1982. Today, the company offers a range of design tools – including Adobe Photoshop.

The Photoshop YouTube channel is as practical and helpful as you’d expect. They release monthly videos on topics ranging from color to animation.

These Photoshop tutorials have snagged them a huge following of 802K subscribers. Most-watched videos include these Tips for Beginners and the promotional short, The World is Your Canvas.

Getting to grips Photoshop isn’t easy. Thankfully, this YouTube channel has a video for every feature.

Best for Learning Photoshop

For Adobe expertise, this is the channel you have to bookmark. We’re not saying watching this will transform you into a certified Adobe design master, but it could certainly start you down that path.

10 Amazing YouTube Channels to Boost Your Graphic Design Skills


Phlearn is Aaron Nace’s channel. Aaron is a photographer and trusted Adobe Photoshop expert, making this is another top destination for Photoshop tutorials.

The content here is posted a little more sporadically, with some gaps of two or three months. Thankfully, there are plenty of historic YouTube videos for new viewers to get stuck into.

Best for Learning New Techniques

Topics include quite granular explorations of particular features of the software, such as gradient tools or bloom effects. One of the major reasons the channel has an impressive 2.15 million subscribers is it answers common Photoshop questions.

Examples include, “How do I remove glare from glasses?” and “How do I remove skin marks?” Most recently, Aaron has started exploring the newer, AI-generated features of the app.

The channel also explores Lightroom, an alternative photo editing option from Adobe.

10 Amazing YouTube Channels to Boost Your Graphic Design Skills 2

Will Paterson

If you like your content regular, you’ll love Will’s channel. Will Paterson is a famous graphic designer who specializes in logo design, Adobe Illustrator, and brand identity. His videos are popular for the humor he injects and the quirky challenges he runs.

Take a look at this one where he gets five graphic designers to work on the same project to see what logos they come up with. It’s a quirky idea, but also highlights some important insights into how different designers and artists work.

Will posts videos once a week to keep fans happy, and most are under half an hour so they’re easy to digest. He’s netted 866K subscribers so far, with popular videos boasting 3.5 million views.

Best for Fun while Learning

His most recent videos include Adobe Illustrator tutorials and useful upskills on topics like typography and hand lettering. It’s one of the best YouTube channels for combined education and entertainment. Designers, follow Will if you’re into any aspect of graphic or website content design.

10 Amazing YouTube Channels to Boost Your Graphic Design Skills 3


Charli is a popular web content and graphic designer based in Valencia. Her channel, CharliMarieTV, focuses on helping creatives improve their business opportunities by working on their skills and processes.

Designers interested in what life is like in the tech industry should follow Charli. She talks honestly and openly about topics like burnout in tech and what a day as a creator is like.

Best for Designer Career Advice

Charlie also asks some of the tough design questions, such as, “Do AI tools really work?” Her down-to-earth style and focus on helping other creators have helped her build a following of 227K subscribers.

Web designers and graphic artists should definitely check her out.

10 Amazing YouTube Channels to Boost Your Graphic Design Skills 4

Every Tuesday

Guess how often Teela Cunnigham posts on her popular design channel? You got it: Every Tuesday offers weekly videos on the same day so regulars know exactly when to expect a content drop.

Teela is an established name in the design industry. Her channel focuses on helping other creatives grow their business by improving skills and monetizing their awesome art.

Best All Round YouTube Designer Channel

For the past couple of years, Teela’s channel has focused primarily on Procreate software skills, from creating snowflakes to making a rubber stamp.

She also provides Adobe Illustrator tutorials and business tips for designers, such as where to reach potential clients. This is one of those design channels that provides the whole package.

10 Amazing YouTube Channels to Boost Your Graphic Design Skills 5

Gavin Hoey

Gavin Hoey’s channel, formerly known as PhotoGavin, has had a makeover. But it’s still the place to be if you’re an aspiring photographer or Adobe Photoshop designer.

The YouTube offering is an offshoot of his website GavTrain.coman authoritative resource for photography tips and Photoshop ideas. Gavin also regularly appears as an expert guest on other channels such as AdoramaTV. His tutorials range from highly specific techniques such as sharpening shadows to guides and challenges.

Best for Expanding Photography Skills

This channel might not be ideal for someone wanting to learn photography from scratch, as some of the techniques are advanced. However, there is a huge back catalog to watch for inspiration and advice. Over 270K subscribers can’t be wrong.


Dansky’s mission is to help, “designers level up with tutorials and sarcasm,” so this channel is ideal if you like a side of humor with your design advice. It’s also one of the most versatile channels, offering advice on Photoshop, Illustrator tutorials, and general design tips.

You can watch videos on designing better logos or get an insight into gaining graphic design clients. His accessible style makes the channel suitable for Illustrator beginners as well as experienced designers wanting detailed advice.

Best for All Designer Skill Levels

This approach has created a dedicated fanbase of 902K subscribers. Dansky also offers an Adobe Illustrator Masterclass on the web, ideal for any creator wanting to upgrade their Illustrator skills.

Design with Canva

Canva has become a big name in the world of design. It’s ideal for beginners who want to try out graphic design for the first time. It also offers advanced techniques and accepts most file formats, making it practical for advanced designers.

Canva provides a ton of web-based resources. However, Design with Canva is not an official resource, although Ron and Di, your hosts, are certified Canva experts.

The best thing about their channel is that it covers just about anything a creator might want to do with Canva. This includes web design, presentations, and even tips for various social media channels.

Best for Exploring New Canva Features

Recently, they’ve been exploring some of the new “Magic” AI-generated tools that allow a creator to create AI-generated art and graphics. You can watch a tutorial on creating clickable email addresses or 3D design.

There really is something for everyone, which is probably why “TeamRonDi” has 448K subscribers.

Yes, I’m a Designer

Martin Perhiniak was once voted one of the top ten Adobe instructors in the world. He now runs one of the most popular design channels in the world: Yes, I’m a Designer.

This channel for designers looks at trends, the best graphic designer tools, and data on topics impacting artists. Any creator interested in the current ethical discourse around AI and art must watch his video that covers this debate.

Best Resource for Designers

There is also an extensive collection of tutorial videos, making it a top resource for designers. You can learn everything from creating a great logo for your business to the best ways to win a design contest. Follow for top content on Photoshop and Illustrator.

A whopping 644K subscribers enjoy Martin’s videos. Definitely bookmark it if you’re a designer, illustrator, or artist, or just looking for great Adobe tutorials.

Glyn Dewis

When it comes to learning professional photography, Glyn Dewis’s videos are a must-see. He posts tutorials on techniques, photo shoot setups, and Photoshop retouching skills.

One of the most interesting sides of his channel is that he posts behind-the-scenes looks at photography sessions. Designers can watch a video on exactly how he sets everything up to get those amazing shots.

Glyn’s videos also talk you through the methods he uses to transform a photo into a piece of art. Watch him create hair and fur brushes for professional retouches, or give a step-by-step guide to the “remove” tool.

Best for Transparency

Glyn also never shies away from pointing out problems with his favorite software. He recently reported on problems with the gradient fill tool, for example.

At least 289K photographers and designers agree Glyn’s channel is one of the best places to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques.

10 Amazing YouTube Channels to Boost Your Graphic Design Skills 7

Other Notable Mentions in YouTube Channel Designers

10 Amazing YouTube Channels to Boost Your Graphic Design Skills 8

There are many other great graphic design YouTube creators out there for designers and artists. Here are just a few more of the best.

Best in UX Design

Sharon Yeun Kim. Sharon explores all aspects of UX design, from industry trends to techniques. She even looks at the pros and cons of becoming a UX designer.

Best Design Tips and Illustrator Tutorials

Satori Graphics. This YouTube channel covers visual communication and design principles, and has numerous videos packed with tips for professional and freelance designers. There are also plenty of industry updates for career-minded designers.

Best YouTube Channel for Inspiration

Zakey Design. Enjoy speed art, illustrative landscapes, and PNG quick tutorials with plenty of “wow” factor ideas to inspire you. There are also tips on photo manipulation and Inkscape tutorials.

Best in Product Design

Aliena Cai. Aliena is a product designer based in the United States. Her design videos focus on product and UX design, utilizing Figma, and tips for leveling up your own business. She uses a lot of humor in her design tutorials which makes them easy to digest.

Best Web Design

DesignCourse. If you’re looking for YouTube channels with a good variety of design content, this one hits the spot. There are particularly good tutorials on web design, UX design, and Figma for any budding product designer.

Best Brand Design

Spoon Graphics. Bookmark Spoon Graphics if you want sharp, snazzy video content with tutorials on logo design, fonts, textures, and more. This YouTube channel also looks at new industry tools provides useful comparisons.

From speed art to advanced design tutorials, we hope you found something useful on our list of design videos.

What channels are your favorites and what other videos would you recommend? Let us know what other designers and creative people you follow on YouTube.

Remember, if you’ve got aspirations to become a graphic design YouTuber, we’ve got plenty of resources available on the site. Check out our Guide to the Best Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails, or YouTube Art Tips and Tricks.

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