Tileable geometric patterns


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  1. Rachel Albanese
    • Purchased

    Sandra, in Photoshop go to EDIT>PRESETS>PRESET MANAGER open the dialogue box and select PATTERNS from the Preset Type pull down menu. Click on LOAD. Find the PAT file on your computer and load it up! www.digitalrachel.com -Rachel

  2. Sandra Sundstrom
    • Purchased

    Hi Shona, I purchased this from you but I do not know how to open it. Do I need a specific program? I'm not familiar with the PAT file.. Thanks for letting me know

  3. jadebunk
    • Purchased

    Hi Shona! I am looking for these in a vector pattern too. Can you message me about where they are available from?

  4. Shona Dutta
    • Shop Owner

    Yep, should work just fine. Let me know if you have an issue with them for some reason.

  5. Shona Dutta
    • Shop Owner

    These patterns are flat (packaged as a PAT file), but I will message you about making the vector versions available. Thanks!


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