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12 More Things No Designer Has Ever Said

By on Oct 31, 2016 in Humor
12 More Things No Designer Has Ever Said

It was a hit! When we released our first set of #SaidNoDesignerEver graphics last year, we realized we’d struck a nerve. There are too many hilarious situations this spot-on hashtag can apply to. Nope, that Photoshop outer glow effect does not make the piece, and don’t you dare scale a JPG past 100%. We’ve come up with a whole new set of things we bet have never made it past a designer’s lips.

We want to know: what are some things you’d never say? Leave us some tips in the comments and you may be featured in an upcoming #SaidNoDesignerEver post!

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  1. I stopped reading this article when I got to the one about using a PC--I use PCs for all my work, and really do prefer them to Mac.

  2. @Daniel, same here. So tired of years of mac-snobs. Using a Mac is like driving around in a car with the hood welded shut. No thanks.

  3. Not getting in the Mac v/s PC debate . But it is too hilarious to miss. Everyday of my life can be summed up in one of these.

  4. They arn't as different as they used to be. And honestly PC has come a long way and Apple has been really stagnate these past few years.

  5. No, I don't mind that you deliver your texts in a pdf file.
    Or: Sure, I can remake last years brochure cover using exactly the same input as then.

  6. from a technical perspective the mac processor is much more powerful than the pc's. but personally, I use a pc 90% of the time.

    I still laugh all the joke because I JUST ENJOY LAUGHTER :D

  7. Macs used to be better than PCs, but now I find that there is no noticeable difference. I've used Mac, and I've used PC. Mac is prettier, but I like my Acer. In operation power, I couldn't tell the difference so I think it's just a matter of what you're more comfortable with.

  8. I've used almost exclusively Mac during most of my career, yet I can't help but disagree with the PC/Mac thing. There was a time when Mac was really a machine to have for graphic design. That time is no more, for several years now (unless you work in Sketch), and especially now in light of the new Macbook Pro "redesign" and the new "pricing". It's just an expensive toy for hipster wannabe designers now.

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