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12 Best Serif Fonts That Could Bring Style To Your Project

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Creative Market January 31, 2022 · 7 min read

Serif fonts have been around since the early days of printing presses. They are the most basic typeface that can be used for any design project. In fact, many designers have relied on them to give the right look to print publications, logo designs, signages, and other types of materials created for the mass market.

Serifs come in different types such as old style serifs, slab serifs, transitional serifs, and didone or modern serifs. The serif, which refers to the small strokes at the end of each letter, is what makes them a more legible typeface especially when optimized through the right font size and viewing medium. By using the best serif font style for your design, your project can convey tradition, history, formality, and classic taste in style.

Use this timeless typeface to achieve professional results for your design project. From classic serifs to more experimental forms, Creative Market has the best serif fonts to suit your aesthetic. Follow below to learn about the best serif font that can help your project stand out from the rest.

When is the best time to use Serif fonts?

There is no limit when it comes to using a serif font for your design. Although modern serif fonts are most often used in formal projects, you can still experiment using this typeface for casual designs. Serif fonts can be used for a variety of projects ranging from logo development, web design, posters, and other print projects.  Whether it is for a personal or commercial project, serif fonts are timeless classics that you can incorporate to create stunning designs.

List of Serif Fonts for Logo, Print, and Web Design

When choosing a serif font, you have to consider the overall function and aesthetic of your project. A serif font has numerous styles and weights to choose from so it is necessary to match your chosen font with your project needs. While some types of serifs are tailored for use in print and web material, others can be used for logo development and branding purposes. The only thing to remember is that serif fonts are less legible when used at a small size. Thus, you need to make sure that the texts have the proper amount of leading or line spacing to improve readability.

At Creative Market, you can find hundreds of popular serif fonts that are ideal for any project. Here is the list of best serif fonts that you can try for your logo, print, and web design.

Classic Serif Fonts Examples

Traditional serif fonts are the best choice for print projects. These are also ideal typeface options for formal communications, including invitations, card designs, and letterheads. A serif font style such as this has an elegant and formal appearance that can help create a timeless impression.

1. Palmer Classic Serif

Here’s a classic serif font that can function beautifully in any format. With its clean lines inspired by the vintage feel of the 70s, the Palmer Classic Serif can be a great choice for logos as well as web headings.

2. Vienna Modern Serif

Vienna is a fab and modern serif font that can enhance the feel of any editorial project such as magazines or books. When used as a title font, you can freely match it with any sans serif font for the subheadings to balance its thickness. It can also be paired with a delicate script or calligraphy for a heading if you intend to use Vienna as the typeface for your body text.

3. Bastia Modern Serif

For branding or presentations that need a bolder approach, you can experiment with the use of Bastia. This serif font comes with bonus sans for easier pairing, and a special outline of the serif font for an added layer and flair to your design.

Cool Serif Fonts Examples

Serif fonts that have a cool and contemporary vibe are also great choices for design projects. The most popular serif fonts in this category have a stylish and experimental appearance that can add an urban feel to your designs. When used for projects that require body text, it is best to apply them for titles and headers. Feel free to utilize these typefaces for creative briefs that require feelings of adventure, creativity, and originality.

4. Planet Gamers Ligature Logo Serif

With its unique ligatures, Planet Gamers Ligature is among the best serif fonts for logos. It has a distinct appearance that can provide text with an uncommon vibrancy. It can be best used for projects related to sports, branding for tech companies, or gaming experience.

5. Glassure Typeface

One of the experimental typefaces available in Creative Market, Glassure is an unconventional serif font inspired by the process of making glass sculptures. Make your every project stand out with its titling alternates that allow you to stack two letters on top of each other for a more unique feel.

6. Acid Font

It may look grotesque at first glance, but this unique serif font can provide your design with a sharp and strong impression. Acid font is a display typeface that is suitable for music artworks, posters, t-shirts, and web design. It can also be applied as a serif font logo for companies that are eccentric and are not afraid to take risks.

Beautiful Serif Fonts Examples

You don’t have to rely exclusively on cursive or signature fonts to bring elegance to your logo, print, or web design materials. Although many elegant serif fonts have a high-end appearance which makes them a staple for luxury branding and special projects, the following serif font styles remain versatile and can still be utilized even for casual designs.

7. Walker Handlettered Serif

Walker is one elegant serif font that can give your lettering and design projects a hand-drawn touch. With different weight variations, this style can be great for social media layouts or as labels for your handmade products.

8. Fragile Modern Serif

If you are looking for an artsy serif, you can try Fragile to give your designs a warm and bright vibe. This great serif font is perfect also for newsletters especially those in the fashion and creative fields.

9. Coldiac Luxury Serif 

Coldiac can bring a luxe feel to your project with its almost squarish shape and thin strokes. A modern serif style inspired by transitional serifs, this is a great option for use in gift tags, product packaging, invitations, and more.

Contemporary Serif Fonts Examples

Today’s serifs are more characterized by the extreme weight difference in their thin and thick strokes. From vintage to a relaxed vibe, there are plenty of modern serif fonts that can be used for casual and modern web design projects.

10. La Truffe Stylish Didone

A bold contemporary font, La Truffe was designed as a didone serif to bring a rich personality to your design project. It has both upper and lowercase letters that can provide a distinctive appearance to your work, whether it’s for gourmet food, beauty, or fashion.

11. Serafina Elegant Serif

Serafina Elegant is an unconventional serif font that can be employed for your creative projects. It is very unique in its appearance and can even be described as feminine due to its curvaceous design. It can be best used for invitations, logos, and lettering that needs stylish and hip decor elements.

12. Gaze Pro Typeface

Indulge your design with modernity using the Gaze Pro Typeface that is perfect for editorial or printed projects. Gaze has a variety of art deco glyphs that will allow you to create that extra bit of interest for your designs.

Which is the best serif font?

The best serif font is the one that can bring personality to your type designs. It must be eye-catching, provide uniqueness, and style to your project. That’s why there are a lot of different serif fonts available in the market – from a slab serif font to a bouncy brush font – each has its own distinct look that can highlight your project.

For more best serif fonts, head over to Creative Market so you can download any of these typefaces for your design work. Sign up today at Creative Market to get access!

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